N. D. Ebrahimi


UNM is offering this course as an online course. As such, except for three (3) semester exams, there are no required, synchronous (live) class meetings during the semester.

    Office Hours                      Appointments

Students who may have questions on the homeworks are offered a "Flipped Classroom" session on most Friday afternoons (2:00-3:00 PM) throughout the semester.


Urgent course updates, announcements, etc. will be sent to you via your UNM e-mail account.
For this reason, it is important that you check your UNM e-mail Inbox on a very regular basis.

If you prefer to receive e-mail through other accounts (addresses), you can update your UNM preferred e-mail account at



Homeworks will be given regularly. No late homework will be accepted under any circumstances.
Homeworks are inspected (and “graded”) for the level of effort exhibited by the student, not just for the correctness of the final answers. Working diligently on assignments constitutes the best path toward doing well in exams (and, therefore, receiving a good grade in the course). It is the responsibility of the students to make sure that they gain a high level of competency with the course subject through homeworks.



    Exams Logistics


Quantitative as well as concept-type (multiple-choice, true-or-false, etc.) questions

Range of coverage: all home works (and their supporting material) that are due before the day of exam

One sheet of notes (8.5 × 11.0 in., only one side) and calculators are allowed

  5.      Cell phones, tablets, smart watches, Laptops and all other similar electronic devices are not allowed

    Point Accumulation             Grades

Grades will be curved.
    • 15%: Home-works (subject to availability of funds and qualified personnel for grading)
    • 85%: Three (3) Semester Exams (equally weighted) 

    Instructional Support

This resource is available only to registered students; access will be granted on the first day of the semester (check your UNM e-mail Inbox when the semester starts). You will be provided with course e-handouts as well as supplemental material (Lecture Notes, etc.).


Your textbook will be available through the 
UNM Bookstore or online booksellers. The International version of the textbook (which is less expensive) does not include US Customary System of Units; therefore, we are not able to use this version of the book in ME 459. However, the more affordable loose leaf as well as the electronic versions and used copies are acceptable.

So, you have the option of purchasing any one of the following book formats:



Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design; 10th edition
by Richard  Budynas and J. Keith  Nisbett
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

(Access Card is not required.)

Loose Leaf


eISBN-13: 9780077591670 (Various Vendors)

Inclusive Access (IA)

In addition to the above, open-market formats, UNM Bookstore has facilitated your textbook purchase by making it an integral part of the UNM Learning Management System (see next item, below). Once you gain access to the UNM Learn system at the beginning of the semester, you will have an opportunity to opt out of the IA arrangement, if you feel that you are able to obtain your textbook in the open market at a more favorable price. If you choose the IA option (in electronic format), you may also purchase the print copy of the book at a much-discounted additional price from the UNM bookstore. Just be advised that this discounted price is available to you, only if you opt-in the IA option.

Learn about UNM Learn

Activities of this class will be conducted via the UNM Learning Management System (LMS), referred to as "UNM Learn."

Extensive information about how to use the Learn system is available to you through the following page:

Please make sure that you are familiar with this system before starting your actual (academic) course activities.