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Notes on Non-ME Courses

Students are reminded that they may include a reasonable number of non-ME courses in their Programs of Studies. Please see the ME Graduate Policy Manual for restrictions. In all cases, students must make sure that they have the correct pre-requisites; the instructor of each course may be contacted for this purpose.

Students interested in "Mechanics of Solids" and/or "Materials" areas often find some of the following Fall or Spring  CE (Civil Engineering) or NSMS (Nano Science and Micro Systems) courses useful:

CE 455 Engineering Project Management (available for graduate credit)

CE 502 Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics

CE 503 Composite Materials

CE 508 Analysis and Design of Plates and Shells

CE 520 Introduction to Structural Dynamics


NSMS 510 Chemistry and Physics at the Nano-scale

NSMS 512 Characterization Methods for Nanostructures

NSMS 518 Synthesis of Nanostructures

NSMS 522 Fundamentals of Nano-fluidics

NSMS 530 Surface and Interfacial Phenomena

NSMS 533 Vapor and Aerosol Phase Materials Processing

NSMS 538 Biosensors Fundamentals and Applications

NSMS 575 Polymer Science and Engineering 

Similarly, students interested in "Dynamic Systems," "Controls," and/or "Robotics" areas often find some of the following Fall or Spring ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering ) courses valuable:

ECE 446 Design of Feedback Control Systems (available for graduate credit)

ECE 463 Advanced Optics I (available for graduate credit)

ECE 554 Advanced Optics II

ECE 500 Theory of Linear Systems

ECE 506 Optimization Theory

ECE 514 Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

ECE 546 Multivariable Control Theory

ECE 548 Fuzzy Logic and Applications

ECE 649 Topics in Control Systems

The following Physics (PHYC) course is acceptable towards MSME and PhD degrees:

PHYC 302 Introduction to Photonics (available for graduate credit)

All graduate students are encouraged to consider some of the courses offered by the Computer Science as well as Math/Statistics Departments. In particular, the following courses (Fall, Spring, or Summer) are highly recommended:

MATH 312 Partial Differential Equations for Engineering

MATH 314 Linear Algebra with Applications

STAT 345 Elements of Mathematical Statistics and Probability

Please note that even though these Phyc/Math/Stat courses are 300-level courses, they are authorized for graduate credit . (See the ME Graduate Policy Manual regarding the needed paperwork).