Online Teaching Testimonials

ME 416/516

“The online lectures as well as the detailed homework solutions help me learn the material the most.”

“The Homework and the online video lectures are the most helpful.”

“So far I am enjoying this class.”

“Slides and videos help me learn best.”


“Power Point presentations are really helpful and video clips as well.”


“HW problems helped me to understand details.”


“I enjoy reading the class notes on my Kindle. The homeworks seem to be helpful in reinforcing important concepts.”


“Instructor working through example problems help me learn best.”


“I like the videos and lecture notes that the instructor posts.”


“Having the videos segmented into small time periods are helpful.”

“This is the best, most organized, and most effective online class I have taken at UNM. The instructor seems very prepared, he stays on top of deadlines, and he has chosen a reasonable amount of material to focus on for the students to master.”


ME 459


“The presentations and examples are very helpful.”


“The videos posted by the instructor help me the most. Whenever I am stuck I can go and look at the posted videos and they sort out any confusion I may have.”


“It is really simple to follow along in this class. The presentations for the class are very well done and explained very well. This in turn helps on the homework and prepares us well for the test I believe.”


“Video commentary from the professor covering each topic and providing the notes for reference and studying purposes help me learn best.”


“Provided presentation slides are helpful.”


“The video examples have been helpful.”


“It's nice to have the content from the lectures in PDF form. After I've watched a lecture and I'm working on homework it's easy to glance at the PDF notes when I need to review something.”


“The online classes are most helpful because I'm able to watch them more than once. Watching the lessons while doing the homework also helps.”


“Video lectures with slides help me learn best.”


“Feedback on homeworks is very useful.”

”It’s been great so far. I hope it doesn’t change.”


“I enjoy the flexibility of the course as it allows me to complete material when I have the time and it is easy to follow, even with advanced course material.”


“This being my first online course it has been a good experience so far.”