An Anderson Schools of Management student course and trip—Spring 2004

UNM and Escalera Nautica Study Project

The Group

The class met for 2 1/2 hours, one night a week, from January to March, 2004 building a knowledge base of Mexico’s geography, history, culture, management, government, tourism,  and how to travel safely in Mexico. 

The small class of eight gave rise to some lively discussions of issues that were impacting Mexico’s tourism industry. 

The group included:

Chris Beenhouwer                               Jennifer Richardson

Larissa Cardenas                                 Sara Sanasac

Barbara and Eddie Dry                       Alan Schroeder

Sonia Ortega                                          Jesse Herron

John Robert Parras                             Christina Santistevan

Dr. Eddie Dry, Director

Tourism Management Program

Anderson Schools of Management

MSC 053090

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131


To contact us:

Phone: 505-277-3403

Fax: 555-277-7108


MGT 490/594—Mexico Tourism

Anderson Schools of Management—UNM

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