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Math 193-506

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NMMATYC 2014: Test Anxiety and Test Taking Strategies.


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   Email: efryer@unm.edu            

   Office:  Academics Cubicles

   Phone:  505-925-8605                             

You may also ask for me in the Highway to Success and Learning Center offices (505-925-8907).

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My Fall 2014 Schedule:

Important notes on my finals week schedule:  

  • If you want to meet with me on Monday morning, I need to know by 5:45pm on Thursday, December 4th via email.  If I do not respond to you to confirm a time, I did not get your email and you do not have an appointment.
  • I might be able to meet with you the Thursday of finals week after my final.  You should also make an appointment.





Cassiopeia A
Cass A is a supernova remnant

A Fractal
Fractals are repeating, self-similar objects

Another Fractal
Fractals are used in art a lot

Cass A