Grants Received:

1970. $2400. Research Allocations, UNM. Cellular transfer of specific and cross immunity to two species of coccidia in the rat.

1971. $624. Research Allocations, UNM (C.S. Crawford. co-PI). Histological examination of the cuticle of the desert millipede, Orthoporus ornatus.

1971. $5025. Research Corporation. Studies of the incidence of Toxoplasma gondii in wild felines in New Mexico.

1973. $612. Research Allocations, UNM. Studies of the incidence of Toxoplasma gondii in wild animals in New Mexico.

1973-75. $26,816. Sandia University Research Program (SURP). The effect of heat and Cobalt-60 radiation on the viability of coccidian oocysts to determine if attenuated organisms can stimulate host immunity.

1974. $730. Research Allocations, UNM. Growth of Isospora endocallimici from the golden marmoset, Callimico goeldii, in normal and dexamethasone treated white-lipped marmosets, Sanguinus sanguinus.

1975. $1,000. Research Allocations, UNM. Metal starvation of coccidians by their hosts.

1978 . $1,465. Research Allocations, UNM. Ultrastructure of the endogenous developmental stages of an unusual new coccidium in fish.

1980. $5,000. Research Allocations, UNM (T.L. Yates, co-PI). The extent and nature of coevolution between coccidian parasites and their mammalian hosts as determined by electrophoresis and karyology.

1980-83. $65,615. NIH-MBRS. Studies on genetic and other factors affecting host and site specificity by coccidians (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) of small mammals.

1983. $3,243. Studies on genetic and other factors affecting host and site specificity on coccidians (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) of small mammals. Extension of NIH-MBRS grant 1 September through 31 December.

1983-84. $6,250. New Mexico Game & Fish. The incidence of Eimeria spp. in sandhill cranes wintering in New Mexico.

1984-88. $137,559. NIH-MBRS. Host genetic factors affecting specificity of the Coccidia of small mammals (T.L. Yates, co-PI).

1985-86. $118,400. NSF. Purchase of a transmission electron microscope and ancillary equipment (with R.C. Chiovetti et al.). Funded but at the reduced level. Grant was turned down in lieu of the NIH-MBRS grant which did not require cost-sharing.

1985-87. $86,000. NIH-MBRS. Instrumentation proposal for the purchase of a transmission electron microscope (with R.C. Chiovetti, et al.).

1986. $6,500. New Mexico Game & Fish. Publication of scientific manuscripts derived from research for the NM Department of Game & Fish.

1986-87. $9,600. NSF, BSR-8612329. Zoogeography and coevolution of helminth parasites and their rodent hosts. Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for Mr. S.L. Gardner (T.L. Yates, co-PI).

1988-91. $67,390. NIH-MBRS DHHS 5 S06, RR-08139-07. Host genetic factors affecting specificity of the Coccidia of small mammals (T.L. Yates, co-PI).

1988-93. $2,400,000. NSF, BSR-8811906. Ecological-climatic gradients on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge—A Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Site (J.H. Brown, J.R. Gosz, B.T. Milne and M.C.Molles are PIs: I am one of 12 co-PIs). 15 October 1988-14 October 1994 at $400,000/yr.

1990-92. $140,000. NSF, DIR-9013190. The Sevilleta Field Station: Development of a regional research center in New Mexico (C.S. Crawford, J.H. Brown, J.R. Gosz, D.L. Marshall, R.R. Parmenter, D.W. Duszynski, co-PIs). 1 March 1990-31 July 1992. Plus 50% cost-sharing from UNM.

1990-92. $150,000. NSF, RFO-9021724, ARFMP. Renovation of facilities for integrated research in biology (D.L. Marshall, A. Evans, D.W. Duszynski, T.K. Lowrey, K. Vogel, co-PIs). 1 February 1991-30 April 1992. Plus $150,000 cost-sharing from UNM.

1992. $7,500. UNM-RAC, 1-02348. Community ecology of parasites found in kangaroo rats. 30 September 1992-31 May 1993.

1994-2000. $3,780,000. NSF. BSR-8811906. Sevilleta LTER II: Biome-level constraints on population, community, and ecosystem responses to climate fluctuations (B.T. Milne is PI; I am one of 10 co-PIs). October 1994-October 2000.

1995-98. $360,000. NSF. DEB-9505025. Historical biodiversity of the parasites of small mammals on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, NM: 1989-2000 (with M.D. Dailey, co-PI). May 1995-May 1998.

1995-2000. $690,737. NSF. DEB-9521687. The Coccidia of the World (S.J. Upton, co-PI). August 1995-August 2000.

1996-98. $197,168. DHHS-PHS. GM-96-001. Bridges to biomedical careers project (BBC) (B.V. Hofkin, S.B. Wright, co-PIs). November 1996-October 1998.

1997-98. $7,244. NSF. DEB-9505025 (supplement).

1998-2000. $11,454. NSF. DEB-9505025 (supplement).

1999-2000. $2,000. UNM, A&S College Excellence in Undergraduate Education. "UNM Tropical Biology: A HemisphericInitiative." March 2000.

2001-2002. $55,140. Coevolution of insectivores and their coccidia parasite in Beringia. (Subcontract to NSF-DEB grant, Beringia Coevolution Project to J.A. Cook et al., Idaho State University). Summers 2001, 2002.

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