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I study how the human-animal relationship has impacted landscapes across time and space. The broad spectrum revolution, the ways in which human colonization events (especially human colonization of Europe and the post-Columbian European colonization of the Americas) impact human-animal and human-environment interactions, and the role of the human-animal relationship in facilitating global and near-global distributions of particular types of animals (especially cats, dogs, horses, and honeybees) are just a few of the topics I work on.

I am currently Associate Professor of Anthropology and Regents' Lecturer for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of New Mexico. In this role I (among other things) teach archaeology classes; direct the Public Archaeology Master's program; and supervise graduate and undergraduate students in the Zooarchaeology Laboratory.

To learn more about my work, take a look at my curriculum vitae.


Jacob Fisher’s and my co-edited volume Questioning Rebound will be published in November 2022! You can pre-order from any major bookseller, or use the link above.

Alum Dr. Milena Carvalho's co-edited special issue on refugia of the European Middle Paleolithic was published in February 2022. This news piece provides some context about this work.


The UNM Zooarchaeology Lab contains a reference collection of comparative skeletal material (largely mammalian and avian taxa common in New Mexico and the greater US Southwest) as well as a small reference library, two 3D scanners, microscopes, and other analytical equipment.

The lab is open on a limited basis to visiting researchers. To arrange a visit, contact me!


Alum Dr. Asia Alsgaard started a postdoctoral position at SapienCE (University of Bergen, Norway) in May 2022. Congratulations Asia!

An article led by alum Dr. Jonathan Dombrosky is featured in the June 2022 Journal of Archaeological Science "Article Spotlight."  Check it out here!       


Information about my work (including how to contact me) can be found here. You can also find me on Academia, on Google Scholar, on ORCID, on ResearchGate, and (more rarely) on Twitter.