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I research how the human-animal relationship interacts with environments across time and space. The broad spectrum revolution, the ways in which human colonization events (especially human colonization of Europe and the post-Columbian European colonization of the Americas) impact human-animal and human-environment interactions, and the role of the human-animal relationship in facilitating global and near-global distributions of particular types of animals (especially cats, dogs, horses, and honeybees) are just a few of the topics I study.

I am Professor and Regents' Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico as well as director of the UNM Zooarchaeology Lab. Lab alums can be found working all over the world; they include Dr. William Taylor, Dr. Cyler Conrad, Dr. Caroline Gabe, Dr. Jonathan Dombrosky, Dr. Milena Carvalho, Dr. Asia Alsgaard, Dr. Mark Williams, and Dr. Thatcher Selzer-Rogers. I am unfortunately unable to accept new graduate students at the moment, but hope to be able to do so again in coming years; I'll keep this space updated.

To learn more about my work, take a look at my curriculum vitae.


Our horse project produced two papers in 2023: one on horses and people in the early historic American West in Science (see also here) and, in December, one showing similar early, independent adoption of the horse  in Patagonia, in Science Advances. More cool horse findings coming soon!

Questioning Rebound also came out in 2023. Read more about this project here.


The UNM Zooarchaeology Lab contains a reference collection of comparative skeletal material (largely mammalian and avian taxa common in New Mexico and the greater US Southwest) as well as a small reference library, two 3D scanners, microscopes, and other analytical equipment.

The lab is open on a limited basis to visiting researchers. To arrange a visit, contact me!


Zooarchaeology lab and UNM Archaeology Ph.D. student Larkin Chapman is the 2024 UNM Anthropology Butler Award winner! Congratulations Larkin!


Information about my work (including how to contact me) can be found here. You can also find me on Google Scholar, on ORCID, on ResearchGate, and on Instagram.