A bilingual workshop for Librarians who are Spanish speakers as well as Librarians interested in learning Spanish to enable basic communication with their Spanish speaking patrons.
presented by Stella Quiñones, Bernice Martinez-Comstock, Debbie Eagan, and Mark Emmons 

Spanish Language Library Resources



Library Policies and Procedures

Dallas Public Library FAQ in Spanish
PLUS: Public Libraries Using Spanish  sample applications, brochures, policy statements, signage, press releases, etc. in Spanish

Library Tutorials

Cómo ayudar a sus hijos a usar la biblioteca (How to help your children use the library) by U.S. Department of Education

Web Tutorials

Learn the Net / Aprenda la Red - English  or Spanish
La Red Desenredada (The Web Untangled) by Interconect

Web Directories and Search Engines

Yahoo en Español
Ole: El Primer Portal Hispana
Alta Vista Magallanes
LYCOS: La Guia Personal del Internet

Examples from New Mexico Libraries

An Academic Library
Spanish in Libraries NMLA 1999 Annual Conference New Mexico Library Association
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