Sociology 216 Section 01, Fall 2002


Course Schedule: Given that dynamics and issues raised in class will likely affect the pace of the course, the following is a tentative outline of the material we will cover.  You should complete the readings by class time on the dates specified. 


Readings are from Race, Class and Gender unless otherwise specified.  (RCG = Race, Class and Gender; WP = White Privilege)


Week 1

M 8/19         Review syllabus, discuss course objectives and expectations


W 8/21 The Social Construction of Difference vs Biological/Innate Explanations

Race, Class and Gender (RCG) 1-10: “Introduction,” Omi and Winant pp. 11-20: “Racial Formations,” Hubbard 45-46: “Rethinking Women’s Biology,” Messner 57-59: “Ah, Ya Throw Like a Girl!,” Hubbard 64-67: “The Social Construction of Sexuality,” Silko 211-213: “The Border Patrol State,” Bounds 240-242: “A Teenager’s Play for the Gay ‘90’s?”, Jones 243-244: “From Mother to Suspect…”


Week 2

M 8/26         Video and Discussion: Prejudice: The Eye of the Storm

Miller 86-92: “Domination and Subordination,” RCG 95-99: “Understanding Racism…,” Tatum 100-107: “Defining Racism…,” Carter 562-63: “Tracking.”


W 8/28  Making white privilege visible/Why study white privilege?

             White Privilege (WP) pp. 1-5, 9-24 (Part I), and pp. 97-101 (McIntosh, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”).


Week 3

M 9/2  Labor Day - No Class


W 9/4  Changing meanings of whiteness in history

            WP Part II (pp. 29-84)


Week 4

M 9/9  The power of privilege

            WP Part III (pp. 89-110), RCG 152-161: Hurtado, “The Color of Privilege.”


W 9/11  Mixed race issues; anti-Asian racism--Guest Lecturer Laura Fugikawa

              Pryce 361-363: “Black Latina,” Arboleda 420-424: “Race is a Four-Letter Word,” RCG 483-488: “Korematsu v. US,” Kochiyama 343-350: “Then Came the War,” Sethi 108-116: “Smells Like Racism,” Ragaza 209-210: “I Don’t Count…,” Shah 351-353: “Asian American?”


Week 5

M 9/16  Video and discussion: The Color of Fear Part I

Hess et al 324-334: “Racial and Ethnic Minorities…,” Navarro 363-366: “Latinos Gain Visibility…” Stout 205-206: “3 Blacks Win $1 Million in Eddie Bauer Store Incident,” Dedman 228-231: “Study Discerns Disadvantage for Blacks in Home Mortgages.”

Paper proposal due


W 9/18  Video and discussion: The Color of Fear Part II

From White Privilege: Tatum pp. 115-120: “Breaking the Silence.”  From RCG: Tilove 119-124: “Racial Relations…,” Wood 367-373: “What I Learned About Jews.”


Week 6

M 9/23  Race and the law.  RCG 427-447, 457-482, 488-490


W 9/25  Internalized racism, hegemony

              Wright 21-30: “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow,” RCG 507-510: “Maintaining… Hierarchies…,” Chafe 535-548: “Sex and Race,” Snyder 511-517: “Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes.”


Week 7

M 9/30  Intersections: Race, Ethnicity and Gender

Video and discussion: The Way Home Part I

“Marable 124-129: “Racism and Sexism,” Cofer 356-360: “The Myth of the Latin Woman.”

Turn in journals for progress review


W 10/2  Video and discussion: The Way Home Part II

              Mohanty 336-342: “On Being South Asian in North America,” Shaheen 353-355: “TV Arabs,” Purdy 231-232: “Where Laborers are Handy…”


Week 8

M 10/7  Intersections: Race, Ethnicity and Class

“The Foot Analysis:” A Grassroots Analysis of Social Inequality

  Jordan 385-388: “Requiem for the Champ.”


W 10/9   Exam 1


Week 9

M 10/14 Sex vs gender, gender socialization

         Lorber 47-55: “The Social Construction of Gender,” Bem 60-63: “In a Male-Centered World…,” Sadker and Sadker 556-561: “Failing at Fairness,” Bornstein 401-403: “Her Son/Daughter.”             


W 10/16 Patriarchy

         Johnson 129-137: “Patriarchy,” Frye 139-143: “Oppression,” Sabo 373-376: “Pigskin, Patriarchy, and Pain,” RCG 448-457, 483, 493-496.

         Revised paper proposal and bibliography due


Week 10

M 10/21 Gender & economy

Wozencraft 199-202: “Gender Bias on Wall Street,” Tyson 207-208: “Another Day, Another 75 Cents,” Myerson 220-222: “Supermarket Chain…,” Raab 234-238: “Lawsuits…,” 238: “No Means No,” Myerson 251-52: “Home Depot Pays $87.5 Million…,” RCG 292-304: “The Wage Gap.”


W 10/23 Gender & violence

Pharr 143-152: “Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism,” Shange 383-384: “With No Immediate Cause,” Sanday 549-555: “Pulling Train.”


Week 11

M 10/28 Heterosexism and homophobia              

Katz 67-77: “The Invention of Heterosexuality,” Lefevere 233-234: “Lesbians and Gays Banned…,” Copeland 388-392: “Out of the Closet…,” Mohr 517-522: “Anti-Gay Stereotypes.”


W 10/30 Guest Speaker Clark Vivio

Allen 216-218: “Doctor Refuses to Treat Lesbian,” Brooke 203-205: “Homophobia Often Found in Schools,” Avicolli, 377-382: “He Defies You Still.”


Week 12

M 11/4         RCG 494-496: Bowers v. Hardwick, Ettelbrick 497-505: “Confronting Obstacles to Lesbian and Gay Equality.”

         Paper outline due


W 11/6         In-Class Exercise

         Bronski 627-629: “Confronting Anti-Gay Violence.”


Week 13

M 11/11 Disability

Klein 403-409: “’We Are Who You Are,’” Griscom 410-419: “The Case of Sharon Kowalski and Karen Thompson.”


W 11/13 What is Class?

Mantsios 168-180: “Class in America,” RCG 253-256, Johnson 273-277: “Family Struggles…,” Johnson 398-401: “When Money is Everything…”


Week 14

M 11/18 In-Class Exercise

Mantsios 563-571: “Media Magic,” Sklar 257-65: “Imagine a Country,” Sklar et al 267-272: “The Growing Wealth Gap.”


W 11/20 Video & Discussion: People Just Like Us or Roger & Me

Albelda & Tilly 305-314: “Women, Income and Poverty,” Newman 315-318: “What Scholars Can Tell Politicians about the Poor,” Mantsios 563-571: “Media Magic,” Ryan 572-582: “Blaming the Victim.”


Week 15

M 11/25 Intersections: Class, Race and Ethnicity

         Orfield & Yun 214-215: “Resegregation in American Schools,” Rohde 277-278: “Billionaire’s Ex-Wife…,” Schemo 279-283: “Persistent Racial Segregation,” Conley 284-291: “Being Black, Living in the Red.”


W 11/27 Movements for social change

Lorde 588-594: “Age, Race, Class and Sex,” Anzaldúa 595-600: “En rapport, In Opposition,” hooks 601-608: “Feminism: A Transformational Politic,” Thompson 630-636: “A New Vision of Masculinity,” Abelson 636-639: “A Push from the Top…”

         Peer review of papers


Week 16

M 12/2         More social change, catch-up

Yamamoto 654-659: “Interracial Justice,” Morales 661-662: “Child of the Americas,” other readings TBA


W 12/4          Exam 2

                  PORTFOLIO DUE