Sociology 216 Section 01, Fall 2002


Revised Reading Schedule for Weeks 12-14 and Schedule of Presentations:



Week 12

M 11/4         In-Class Exercise

RCG 494-496: Bowers v. Hardwick, Ettelbrick 497-505: “Confronting Obstacles to Lesbian and Gay Equality,” Bronski 627-629: “Confronting Anti-Gay Violence.”



W 11/6         Disability

Klein 403-409: “’We Are Who You Are,’” Griscom 410-419: “The Case of Sharon Kowalski and Karen Thompson.”



Week 13

M 11/11 What is Class?

Mantsios 168-180: “Class in America,” RCG 253-256, Johnson 273-277: “Family Struggles…,” Johnson 398-401: “When Money is Everything…”


W 11/13  In-Class Exercise

Mantsios 563-571: “Media Magic,” Sklar 257-65: “Imagine a Country,” Sklar et al 267-272: “The Growing Wealth Gap.”      

Paper outline due


Week 14

M 11/18 Albelda & Tilly 305-314: “Women, Income and Poverty,” Newman 315-318: “What Scholars Can Tell Politicians about the Poor,” Mantsios 563-571: “Media Magic,” Ryan 572-582: “Blaming the Victim.”


Readings from 11/20 on TBA. 


Note: Class is cancelled Wed. 11/27 (day before Thanksgiving) to work on your projects.



Schedule of presentations:  


Week 14

W 11/20

Policing/Profiling: Cody, Stacy, Jesse, Desiree

Children/Schools: Devin, Mara, Michelle


Week 15

M 11/25

         Workplace/history: Nichole Z, Jenny, Ryan, Anthony

         Sports: Jered, Natalie, Adam


W 11/27  Class cancelled


Week 16

M 12/2        

         Media: Phara, Melia, John, Nicole T.

         Autobiography/ethnicity: Craig, Zeke, Mike, Marty


W 12/4         

         Power relations/language: Maxine, Rob, Candace, Jennifer, Simon


                  PORTFOLIO DUE