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INTEL Scholarship Program Scholars

Jennifer Corona
S. Christine Khuthakun
Phillip Pinsonneault
Garrett Hall
Adrianne Lucero
Andres Sanchez

NSF Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholars (CSEMS)

Mohammad Al-Haik
Vicki Chavez
Amanda Martinez
Sinan Al-Saffar
Truc Do
Erica Ortega
Albert Apache
Phu Duong
Marvin Roybal
Eder Calderon
Anahita Khoshakhlagh
Ethan Tanner
Bryan Chapman
Leonard Lopez

NSF Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Scholars (S-STEM)

Tamara Brooks
Susan Meyers
Erin Hahn
Andres Sanchez
Patrick Higgins
Pooneh Soltani
Reggie Hudson
Adam Wright
Charles Martinez
Victoria Youngblood

Here is what's happening at UNM



Engineering Student Services (ESS) is dedicated to the recruitment of students to the academic disciplines within the School of Engineering. We are committed to academic excellence and to the success of students by providing academic resources, leadership, and community building; increasing retention and graduation rates for our School of Engineering students.

Who We Are

The ESS office aims to increase the retention and graduation rates for students in every field within the School of Engineering (SOE). The ESS staff at the University of New Mexico supports students through academic advisement, outreach, recruitment, navytutoring, scholarships, pre-college and multicultural engineering programs. ESS also supports many multicultural engineering programs: the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program, Native American Programs College of Engineering (NAPCOE), the Summer Transportation Institute (STI), and the Pre-College Science and Math Academy.

All science & engineering minority student organizations are also supported by ESS. These include: the Hispanic Engineering and Science Organization, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers.

ESS also provides tutoring services and study groups for individuals in math and higher level engineering courses. These services are provided by undergraduate and graduate students who have taken the courses and can provide new students with first-hand knowledge.


groupphotoIn 2004, two integral departments within the School of Engineering merged together to form Engineering Student Services: The Minority Engineering Program (MEP) and the Engineering Student Programs (ESPO). The merging of these two departments was an important move as it allowed the consolidation of energy and resources.

The Minority Engineering Program was created in April of 1990 to seek funding to establish a retention and recruitment program for minority students. The primary focus was and continues to be to emphasize community building among students by implementing the following:

plutoplutoClustering minority students into common courses
plutoplutoCreating structured study groups for clustered minority students
plutoplutoProvide students with a comprehensive engineering orientation course
plutoplutoDeveloping a student study center
plutoplutoDevelop leadership skills that will lead to successful internships or
pluto plutoemployment

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