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Critical race Theory & Whiteness Studies
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Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self (click on the Launch Site link on the left side of the screen)

Law & Literature Links

Postmodernism & You: Law

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation American Memory website

Critical Race Theory Links

Critical Race Theory Resource Guide

Whiteness & National Identity by Gregory T. Knouff

Whiteness & Women

Whiteness Studies

Deconstructing Whiteness: A Selected Bibliography

"Deconstructing Whiteness? Miscegenation and the Institutionalization of Race" by Julie Novkov

WhAnglo Website on Whiteness Studies

Whiteness Studies & the Paradox of Particularity by Robyn Wiegman

Constructions of Race Bibliography

Outsider Law in Literature: Construction and Representation in Death and the Maiden by Robert F. Barsky

Just Expression: Interdisciplining the Law and Literature by Isobel M. Findlay

Race and the Dominant Gaze: Narratives of Law and Inequality in Popular Film by Margaret M. Russell

Law, Lawyers, Literature, Narrative, & Film Articles

A Dialogue on Race with President Clinton

The Law and Race in the United States

LatCrit: Latina & Latino Critical Theory

“Expert” Knowledge: Introductory Comments on Race Consciousness by Reginald Leamon Robinson