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American Literature

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Bartolomé de Las Casas and the Tradition of Medieval Law by Kenneth Pennington

The Legacy of Bartolomé de Las Casas by Benjamin Keen

Exploration: The Americas 

Cultural Readings: Colonization & Print in the Americas, Penn Library Exhibitions
     Promotion and Possessed
     Viewers and the Viewed
     Print & Native Cultures
     Religion & Print
     New World Lands in Print
     Colonial Fiction, Colonial Histories

Early Americas Digital Archive

Art in the Age of Franklin, Ashbridge, and Equiano

Stephen Foster: PBS American Experience


The American Sense of Puritan

Salem Massachusetts Witchtrials


Living the Revolution: America from 1789 to 1820

The Avalon Project: The Federalist Papers

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Tocqueville & Beaumont on Slavery & the Indian Problem

Discovery, Exploration, Colonies, & Revolution

Pathways to the Past: The American Revolution


James Fenimore Cooper Society

Webquest: James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans

Southwestern Humor, 1830-1860

Wright American Fiction, 1851-1875

"I Will Be Heard": Abolitionism in America--Cornell University Library

Nationalism & Sectionalism in the United States, 1815-1850

American Literature to 1860

The Making of African American Identity: 1865-1915 (Available in January 2004)

19th-Century Authors & Texts


American Romanticism / Transcendentalism: Art and Literature Links

WebQuest: Writing America: Transcendentalists at Work

"Civil Disobedience" online

Local Color: Regional Writing in the U. S., 1870-1910

Donna M. Campbell's American Literature to 1920s

U.S. History.Com

Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture: A Multi-Media Archive

Freedom: A History of US PBS website

Resources for the Study of 19th-Century American Literature & Life

The Walt Whitman Archive

The Classroom Electric: Dickinson, Whitman, & American Culture

Reading the Old Testament

Smithsonian Institution's Posters American Style

American Environmental Photographs, 1891-1936

"Plain Language from Truthful James" By Bret Harte, The Overland Monthly Magazine (September 1870) with images


American Modernism

Exploring the "Waste Land"


Post-World War II American Literature & Culture

The Literature & Culture of the American 1950s

United States Since 1945


The Beat Scene

The Beat Generation

Unspeakable Visions: The Beat Generation and The Bohemian Dialectic

The Making of A Counter-Culture, Part I: The Beat Generation

by Robert Whillans

Move Over, World War Two Generation, the Sixties Generation Has Arrived!  An Essay Review of the Movie, "Pleasantville" by Mickel Adzema, M.A.

The Psychedelic 60s

The Sixties Project Presents, "Decade of Protest: Political Posters from the United States, Cuba and Viet Nam, 1965-1975

Video Vault: Commercial Icons of the 60s


Little Blue Light--World Literature, Poetry, & Philosophy

American Cultural History: The 20th Century

Medical Humanities

American Literature on the Web

Voice of the Shuttle

American Authors on the Web

American Authors

An American Literature Survey Site

American Literature Anthology: Writer's Index

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature

Outline of American Literature

American & English Literature Internet Resources

Keele University, School of American Studies Links to American Literature

Jack Lynch Literary Resources

Library Web Resources for English

Humanities & Social Sciences Online