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English XXX

Professor Archuleta

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Paper Title or Assignment Name—No Need to Italicize or Underline This

Set computer on double space before you start writing and leave it there throughout as I have done here.  Class information should be placed on the left-hand margin and double spaced.  Double space between paragraphs, the lines of block quotes, and even your works cited page.  Set font at 12 point and use Times New Roman only.  Reading the same font on 20 or more papers is easier on my eyes and makes me a happy grader.  Set margins at 1” all around.  Press the tab key just once for each new paragraph (not twice), and press the tab key twice for block quotes.  Remember to include page numbers on the top right header.

            Print on white paper only.  You can print on both sides to conserve paper if you want.  Do not turn in a title page.  Do not place papers in any kind of folder.  Just turn in the correct number of pages formatted per these instructions, and include a nice staple or paper clip elegantly placed in the upper left-hand corner.

            Include bibliographies on a separate page with "Works Cited" at the top.  Your "Works Cited" page should be stapled to the last page of your paper.  Remember, the works cited page does not count toward your final page total.  Use MLA guidelines for citation.  Papers turned in other than according to these specifications will be returned without a grade and marked late.