Rubric 1


Performance Assessment Criteria


Repeats information without making any inferences or offering interpretations.  Minimal involvement.


Discussion builds upon the ideas of another one or two comments.  Contributes with elaboration.  Offers new elements of information. Links facts, ideas and notions to interpret, infer, propose and judge.  References readings or other course activities.


Uses readings and other course activates to enhance further discussion.  Asks thought provoking questions that stimulate further content related discussion. Provides proof, supporting examples and relevant analogies or metaphors.  Demonstrates on-going involvement.  References required readings or other relevant readings.


Evidence of perceiving problem within a larger, connected or longer term perspective (literature based).  Develops strategies and ideas within a wider framework or integrative model.  Analyzes , synthesizes and able to extrapolate implications.  Helps focus the discussion, contributes to organizing group assignments and responds thoughtfully to others.