Curriculum Vitae
Feroza Jussawalla

Department of English
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Ph 505 277 6347, fax 505 255 0089


Academic Positions:

University of New Mexico:

Professor, 2001 - Present

University of Texas, El Paso:

Professor, l998 - 2001
Associate Professor of English, 1990-l998
Assistant Professor, 1983-1990
Lecturer, 1980-1983

University of Utah:

Graduate Teaching Fellow, 1974-1979


Ph.D. (English), The University of Utah, 1983
M.A. (English), The University of Utah, 1975
B. A. (Honours), Osmania University College for Women, Hyderabad, India, 1973
Major: English Literature
Minors: Psychology and Philosophy


Family Quarrels: Towards a Criticism of Indian Writing in English (DAI 44 [1983], 760A) My dissertation focuses on the failure of traditional critical approaches to a new literature written in English by authors for whom English is a second language and in a cultural context different from that of the language of the literature. Written before the advent of postcolonial theory, it raises the issue of how to approach "postcolonial literature" and seeks to establish critical criteria based on a analysis of the context of situation, the authority of an interpretive community, and a return to traditional Indian critical criteria.

Grants, Awards and Fellowships:

UTEP Digital Media Center Grant for training in delivering Children’s Literature as a distance learning course
Visiting Fellowship, Hans Christian Andersen Centret, University of Odense, Odense, Denmark. Summer 2000
Scholarly Residency, Rockefeller Foundation’s Study and Conference Center, 1999, Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Italy
Top Prize, The Millennium Poetry Competition for "Easter 1998," Association of Small Press Poets, UK, Summer 1999
Fellowship for College Teachers, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1998 1999
Co-Director, NEH Summer Institute on Post-Colonial Literature and Theory, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Summer 1998
Co-Director, NEH Summer Seminar on Post-Colonial Literature and Theory, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Summer 1996
Innovative Technology in the Classroom for Teaching On-line Graduate Research Techniques, Summer 1995
University of Texas London Semester Program at the University of London, Spring 1995
Texas Committee for the Humanities, Grant for "Understanding African Literature: A Symposium," Fall 1994 (Ngugi wa Thiong’o was the principal speaker)
Rockefeller Short-Term Residency for Women’s Studies, University of Arizona, March 1992
NEH Travel to Collections Grant, Summer 1989
NEH Summer Seminar on "The End of Empire," University of Texas, Summer 1988
University Research Institute Grant, University of Texas System, May 1988
Minigrant, UTEP, May 1988
NEH Summer Institute on Asian Studies in the Core Curriculum, Columbia University, Summer 1986
NEH Summer Seminar on Major African Authors, University of Texas, Summer 1985
Faculty Development grant UTEP, Fall l985 to develop an Asian and African Speakers series
Minigrant, UTEP, November 1984 (to attend Higher Order Reasoning Workshop at the University of Chicago)
Faculty Development Grant, UTEP, Summer 1983 (to collate results of Writing across the Curriculum course)
Jack H. Adamson Dissertation Fellowship, 1979-1980
Clarice Short Certificate for Excellence in Teaching, University of Utah 1978
Member, Literature Honor Society
Gold Medals for best examination performance from Osmania University, 1973

Courses Taught:

In over 20 years of teaching, I have taught a wide range of courses from Freshman expository writing to graduate courses. Most recently, my teaching has been concentrated at the graduate level, particularly on teaching the literary research methods course and genre courses. Some of the courses I have taught include:

Remedial Writing
Expository Writing
Writing the Research Paper
Advanced Composition
Written and Oral Communication
Survey of English Literature I
Introduction to Fiction
Survey of World Literature II
Children's Literature for English Education Majors
Introduction to Graduate Studies in English
Post-Colonial Literature, Undergraduate and Graduate Seminars
Approaches to Teaching English
Genre: Theory and Practice--Novel (Graduate)
Undergraduate Post-Colonial Literature Survey
Undergraduate Literary Theory
Graduate Literary Theory

Special Courses Developed:

At UTEP: 1980 2001

Writing Across the Curriculum: A writing across the curriculum course cross-registered with Political Science and Philosophy and meant to train teaching assistants.
Composition and World Literature in English
Computer Assisted Freshman Composition
Composition and Creativity
On Line Research in Literary Graduate Studies
Classics of Children’s Literature and Minority Children’s Literature
Web based courses in Graduate Research Methods and Approaches to Literary Criticism English Teaching Methods: Teaching English as an International and Intranational Language
Genre: Theory and Practice (Novel)
The Postcolonial Bildungsroman
Introduction to Graduate Studies (Fall 1994, Fall 1995 and Spring 1997 and routinely thereafter)
Post-Colonial Literature and Theory (Spring 1996 & Fall 2000)
Developed and introduced into the catalogue and the literature curriculum
Graduate Seminar in Magic Realism: From the Arabian Nights to 100 Years of Solitude, Midnight’s Children and beyond

UNM: 2001 - Present

Queer Texts and Theory: with an emphasis on Postcolonial Literatures from Hanif Kureishi and P. Parviraj to Audre Lorde
African and African American Intellectual Traditions: taught such texts as Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Decolonizing the Mind, Franz Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks, Cornel West’s Race Matters
Contemporary Literature: taught Chitra Bannerjee, Rohinton Mistry, Salman Rushdie, Denise Chavez, Barbara Kingsolver
Postcolonial Literature and Theory: A Survey: a historical survey of the development of postcolonial literature from R.K. Narayan, Chinua Achebe, etc. to the most recent theory of Gayatri Spivak
Honors Capstone Course entitled Postcolonial Cousins: Postcolonial Literature and Chicano Literature
Introduction to Literature (sophomore level)
The Postmodern Novel (Spring 2004)

Courses taught as Faculty for UTEP's London Semester, Spring 1995:

The London Theatre
The British Novel with an emphasis on Diaspora and Immigrant Fiction



Family Quarrels: Towards a Criticism of Indian Writing in English (Berne/New York: Peter Lang, 1985)

Interviews with Writers from the Post-Colonial World (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1992), with Reed Way Dasenbrock

Chiffon Saris (Calcutta: Writers Workshop & Toronto: Toronto South Asian Review Publications, 2003)

Edited Books:

Conversations with V. S. Naipaul (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1996); translated into French with additional material as Pour en finir avec vos mensonges: Sir Vidia en conversation (Paris: Éditions du Roche, 2002)

Excellent Teaching: Essays in Honor of Kenneth E. Eble, New Directions in Teaching and Learning 44 (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1990)


Contributed the The Holt Guide to Documentation and Writing in the Disciplines (Fort Worth: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1989) to The Holt Guide to Writing (a package of three textbooks)

Restructured the Holt Guide to Documentation to include discipline-specific units with writing assignments, sample papers, instruction on discipline-related styles and formats from across the curriculum, and three sample papers from across the disciplines.

Edited Special Issues:

Guest-Edited Special Issue of the South Asian Review XVIII, #15 (December 1994) with special emphasis on South Asian Women Writers "Crossing Borders/Finding Homes"

Co-edited the Zulfikar Ghose half of the Kundera/Ghose Issue of The Review of Contemporary Fiction Volume 9, No. 2 (Summer 1989)

Student papers published in special issue of the Journal of Indian Writing in English: "American Students' Perspectives on Indian Writing in English." Volume 14, No. 1 (January 1986). This issue includes essays from my graduate course that compare Indian literature in English with African and Hispanic or Native American literature in English.

Special Issue of the Journal of Indian Writing in English: "Beyond Indianness: The Stylistic Experiments of 'Midnight's Children.'" Volume 12, No. 2 (July 1984). An essay with the same title is included in the issue, pp. 26-47

Accepted Work:

"Postcolonial Novels and Theories," forthcoming in A Companion to the British and Irish Novel 1945 2000, ed. Brian Shaffer (Blackwell, 2004)

"Reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible as Postcolonial," forthcoming in Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses (2004)

"Bapsi Sidhwa," in South Asian Novelists in English: A Bio/Bibliographical/Critical Sourcebook, ed. Jaina Sanga (Greenwood Press)

"Farukh Dhondy" and "Earth," in South Asian Literature in English: An Encyclopedia, ed. Jaina Sanga (Greenwood Press)


"Labor Efficient Remediation through Writing across the Curriculum," Temple University Working Papers in Composition (October 1986), 1-20

Chapters in Books:

"Decolonizing the Mind: Starting with the Children," in Palavers of African Literature: Essays in Honor of Bernth Lindfors, eds. Toyin Falola & Barbara Harlow (Trenton & Asmara: Africa World Press, 2002, 373 84

"Salman Rushdie," in Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies, ed. John C. Hawley
(Westport: Greenwood Press, 2001), 383 88

"Defining Postcoloniality: Ngugi wa Thiong'o's Kenyan ‘Adams’," in The Writer as Activist: South Asian Perspectives on Ngugi wa Thiong’o, eds. Bernth Lindfors and Bala Kothandaraman (Trenton & Asmara: Africa World Press, 2001), 161 174

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Teaching Related Non Scholarly Publications:

"Third World Voices," in Agora: The Magazine for Gifted Students 2, No. 1 (November 1987): 33

"Third World Literature and Composition," with writing assignments in Teachers Supplement to Agora: The Magazine for Gifted Students 2, No. 1 (November 1987): 6

"English Across Cultures," in El Norteno newsletter of PDNCTE 5, No. 1 (December 1985): 4-5

Non Scholarly Publications:

Hispanic Link Column published as "Hispanics should reach out" (Amarillo) and as "Different cultures must merge to create 1 worldwide family," El Paso Times, May 12, 1993

"Losing both fetus and job shows importance of family leave bill," El Paso Times, January 25, 1993

"Do we penalize motherhood?" Guest column for the Las Cruces Sun News, June 5, 1992, 5A

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"Painting India from Sacramento, California," article on Tom Mulder, Utah artist, in The Illustrated Weekly of India, February 1980

A short essay on a Utah artist in Utah Holiday (October 1976) and magazine articles and short stories in Mirror (Bombay) and The Illustrated Weekly of India

Papers Presented:

"The Reception of Naipaul after 9 11," Conference on V. S. Naipaul–His Life and Works, Mysore, India, 7 January 2004

"From Kipling to Kingsolver," South Asian Literature Association, San Diego, 26 December 2003

"Magic Realism: The Reverse Postcolonial Bildungsroman as a Globalization Device," at SALA, San Diego, 26 December 2003

"Catholicism and Nationalism: Parnell, Joyce, and McCourt," 18th International James Joyce Symposium, Trieste, Italy, 18 June 2002

"Postcolonial Intent: Alice in Wonderland as the M(O)ther of Joyce’s Postcoloniality," 18th International James Joyce Symposium, 17 June 2002

"Naipaul, 9 11, and the Nobel," 2nd International Conference of the United States Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies," Santa Clara University, 27 April 2002

"Interviews and Interviewing: Bernth Lindfors’s Interviews with African Writers and Subsequent Projects," at the Modern Language Association, New Orleans, 27 December 2001

"After Midnight: Resurrecting Salman Rushdie’s Authorial Control," at the South Asian Literary Association, Washington, D.C., 30 December 2000

"Decolonizing the Mind through Children’s Literature: Ngugi’s Adventures of Njamba Nene, at the MLA, Washington, D.C., 29 December 2000

"The Hero’s Journey as Postcolonial Bildungsroman: Derek Walcott’s Omeros," at the South Central Modern Language Association, San Antonio, Texas, 11 November 2000

"Poverty and the Right to Write: Bildungsromans in A Portrait and Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes," at the 17th International James Joyce Symposium, University of London, London, England, 28 June 2000

"How Critical Postcolonial and Race Legal Studies Fail People of Color and Immigrants," at the 3rd International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England, 24 June 2000

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"Modernism in Indian Fiction in English," read at the MLA, 28 December 1984. Chaired and organized a Special Session on "Modernism and Post-Modernism in Southern Asian Literatures in English"

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"Third World Literature in the Composition Classroom: A Model for Teaching Developmental Writing and Critical Thinking," a workshop conducted at the Writing and Higher Order Reasoning Institute, University of Chicago, 7 November 1989

"Third World Literature in the Composition Classroom," a workshop conducted at the Critical Thinking and Higher Order Reasoning Workshop, University of Chicago, 28 April 1988

"Writing across the Disciplines: A Response to the Literacy Crisis," a workshop presented for UTEP faculty in conjunction with a teleconference organized by Old Dominion University and the inauguration of UTEP's Literacy Center in October 1987

"Writing and Higher Order Reasoning Institute," University of Chicago, November 17-20, 1983

Professional Service:

Member, Editorial Board, South Asian Review

Panel Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities, April 2001

Organizer, African Literature Division Forum and of Special Session for Division honoring Bernth Lindfors, Modern Language Association, 2001

Chair, Program Committee, South Asian Literary Association Conference, Washington, D.C., 27 30 December 2000

Member, Delegate Assembly, Modern Language Association, 1999 2001

Member, Executive Committee, African Literature Division, Modern Language Association

Member, Executive Committee, Post-Colonial Discussion Group, Modern Language Association

Member, Executive Committee, South Asian Literatures and Languages Discussion Group, Modern Language Association

Chair and organizer of first session sponsored by the newly formed South Asian Literatures and Languages Discussion Group, "Celebrating Independences: Fifty Years of New Indian Writing," at MLA, 1997

Chair and organizer of session on "Crossing Borders/Finding Homes," a South Asian Literature Association session at MLA, 1994

Editor of the newsletter of the South Asian Literature Association, an Allied Organization of the MLA, 1993-1996

Refereed articles for PMLA's Special issue on "Postcolonial Literature"

Refereed three book manuscripts for the University Press of Mississippi, one for the University of Utah Press, one for the Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, and Helen Fox's Listening to the Word for NCTE

Member, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession, 1990-1993

Chair, Taskforce on Childcare at the CCC Convention, a subcommittee of the Committee on the Status of Women, 1992-1993

Member, Executive Committee of the South Asian Literature Association, an allied organization of the MLA, 1986-1987, 1993-1995

Advisory editor to Nimrod, Volume 31, Number 2 (Spring/Summer 1988) "India: A Wealth of Diversity"

Refereed articles on Indian Literature in English for PMLA, College English, College Literature, Ariel, South Asian Review, Studies in the Novel, and Mosaic

Refereed grant proposals for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Idaho State

Organized Women's Caucus Luncheon at 1989 Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association

Chair, Session on Feminism and Postcoloniality organized by Division 33 of the MLA, 30 December 1990

Consulting Activity:

Contributed 105 biographical/critical headnotes which were used in preparing the instructional materials of Short Story Anthology (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1990)

Consultant to Prentice-Hall High School World Literature text

Administrative Service:

Director of Literature, English Department, 1996-1998

Director, University Honors and Junior Scholars Program, June 1990-August 1991

Revived and revitalized Honors Program by increasing enrollment and course offerings. Initiated new Honors policies. Recruited Honors Students from high schools to be Junior Scholars at the University. Established an Honors House by obtaining and renovating an abandoned home on campus. Published a student newsletter and an Honors journal. Wrote grant proposals to fund program and obtained student scholarship money from Rotary and Houston Endowment.

Academic Service at UTEP:

Founded Asian and African Studies Program, University of Texas at El Paso: initiated idea of program, discussed it with faculty, wrote proposal, won approval of administration, curriculum committee, and faculty senate. Obtained a Student Programs grant and a Faculty development grant to invite speakers Mazisi Kunene, Raja Rao, Bernth Lindfors, and Edwin Thumboo. Worked with the African Students Association and the India Students Association to organize the events.

Introducing Asian Studies into the Core Curriculum Committee, 1994--1996

Served as Co-ordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum for Program for Advanced Literacy in the Humanities, Fall 1987 & Spring 1988, funded by Ford Foundation (participated in the collaborative writing of the grant proposal; funded at $90,000)

MFA Review Committee for the Southern Accreditation Committee, Spring 2001
Student Welfare and Grievance Committee, 1999 2003
Student Publications Committee, 2000 2003
Chair, Student Conduct Committee, 1994--
Secretary, Faculty Senate, 1993-1994
Member of the University's Executive Council, the Faculty Senate's Advisory Committee to the President, 1993-1994
Member and Vice Chair, University-wide Teaching Effectiveness Committee, 1993-1994
Member, University-wide Scholarships Committee, 1993-1996
Member, Composition Committee, Department of English, 1985-1988
Member, Literature Committee, Department of English, 1985-1988
Member, Professional Writing and Rhetoric Committee, Department of English, 1985-present
Member, Faculty Senate, January 1984-1987, 1989-1991, 1993-1994
Faculty Senate Alternate, 1995-
Member, Creative Writing Committee, 1990-1991, 1999–present
Member, Graduate Faculty, Fall 1983--present
Member, Ad-hoc Committee on English Education, 1994--1995
Member, Personnel Committee, 1996–

Service at UNM:

Member, Undergraduate Committee
Member, Graduate Committee, 2002; helped restructure Ph.D. exams

Graduate Thesis Work:

M .A. theses at UTEP:

Director, Adriana Sarabia’s thesis, "Transmutation of the Novel," Outstanding Literature Thesis Award, Spring 2001
Director, Linda Ontiveros’s thesis, "Tradition y poder: Chicana Women Writers," Outstanding Literature Thesis Award, Spring 2000
Committee Member, Veronica Reyes’s MFA thesis, Spring 2000
Director, Debra Dominguez's practicum on heteroglossia in the Chicano Novel, July 1997
Director, Lucia Williams's practicum comparing English composition research writing courses and ESL Research paper courses, December 1996
Director, Grace Haddox's thesis on Wilfrid Owen, May 1996
Member, Keri McDonald's thesis on Renaissance feminist literature, May 1996
Committee Member for Abha Leard's Ph.D. thesis, University of Saskatchewan, Summer 1994
Director of Jim Cody's thesis on Timothy Mo's Monkey King and Gerald Vizenor's Greiver, Fall 1994 [the idea of comparing these postcolonial traditions suggested by me]
Director of Elizabeth Prestwood's thesis on Elizabeth Bishop, Fall 1994
Director of Miriam Eckels's thesis on Zelda Fitzgerald, Fall 1990
Member of Bobbi Gonzalez's thesis on Christina Rossetti, Spring 1991
Member of Masters Students' Committees for English Education
Outside Reader for Angie Carver's thesis in the Nursing School, Spring 1984

My graduate students have published articles in The South Asian Literary Association's Review, in Commonwealth Novel in English, and presented papers at the MLA. My undergraduates have presented papers at the New Mexico Women's Studies conference.


Serving on several Ph.D. and M.A. thesis committees:


Virginia Hampton, A Song Worth Singin’: From Rituals of Resistance to Radical Subjectivity in African American Theatre and Performance (director) (Summer 2003)

Franci Washburn, Beauty of Sound and Tradition: Lakota Oral Tradition (committee member) (Summer 2003)
Miriam Mara, A Famine of Preference: Images of Anorexia in Contemporary Irish Literature (committee member) (Summer 2003)


Scott Patterson, Engendering Ethnicity (director) (Summer 2003)
Katharine Pavuk, Marking out a Dance Space: The Function and Experience of Flamenco in the Southwest (committee member) (Summer 2003)

2 published projects emanating from my teaching: Frenchie Mulholland, "Ma’ohi Women Writers of Colonial French Polynesia: Passive Resistance toward a Post-Colonial Literature," Jouvert: A Journal of Post Colonial Studies;
Franci Washburn, "A Post-Colonial Perspective on James Welch’s The Heartsong of Charging Elk," Indigenous Nations Studies Journal

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