Freshman Academic Choices

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1 University of New Mexico
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Great Choices for Academic High Impact Practices in the First Year

Academic High Impact PracticesFirst Year Students at UNM Belong in an Academic High Impact Class. Students Can Enroll in a Variety of Academic High Impact Classes:

Freshman Seminars (3 credit hours)

  • 10 Transition Communities (5 UNIV 101 courses for general students, 3 UNIV 101 courses for Student-Athletes, 1 UNIV 101 course for ARC, 1 COUN 492 course for Veterans)

Learning Communities (6-7 credit hours)

  • 42 First-Year Learning Communities (limited to freshman in the fall semester, open to all students in the spring)

Honors Legacy courses (3 credit hours)

Unique English courses (3 credit hours)

  • e-Comp
  • unique ENGL 219: Technical Writing for Engineers