Business education is growing amongst students all around the world. Knowing business and being successful in that is important for people, more now than in previous years perhaps. People in business are aware of the fact that continuous education is essential and having new ideas and fresh input can give a company or established brand the necessary push to stay above water in this tough economy.  Business education is the stepping stone for the industry, getting a qualification is the first step, but being successful in it you must continue this education.


Internet Memes & Digital Media

Internet Memes & Digital Media - FLC 639

We have all encountered internet memes.  Examples include YouTube videos with millions of hits, and Facebook pictures shared thousands of times.  Just as biological systems spread genes, social systems spread memes.  A meme is a package of information that people naturally like to spread & an internet meme is one spread via social media.  Often the meme is entertaining, as is the case with popular YouTube or Facebook content.  In this FLC, we will learn the cognitive science behind memes, and learn how to create internet memes using digital media, including Photoshop, Premier, and After-Effects.  We will work individually and in teams to create YouTube and Facebook memes.  Finally, we will work with local small businesses to create useful internet memes that market their products and services.

Managing and Communicating within Organizations

Managing and Communicating within Organizations - FLC 651

An introduction to the dynamics of employee behavior and management within organizations, this course provides valuable skills that every effective and successful manager needs. Topics covered include leadership, power, influence, body language, diversity, motivation, organizational culture, personality, employee attitudes and more. In this Learning Community, students will work in teams to develop a real-time organizational analysis – assisting an actual company with organizational behavior concerns, will learn to think critically about interpersonal interactions with employees, and will use their linked Eng-lish 219 skills to practice important organizational communications (e.g., e-mails, project reports, etc.) and write a report on their final organizational analy-sis project.

Combines: ENGL 219MGMT 306
Meets: MW 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
R.O. Anderson School of Mngmnt 1004
W 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
R.O. Anderson School of Mngmnt 1004
CRN: 5000913220