Digital Age

Understanding how economies, politics, and social connections happen in the digital age is essential for every field of study.  The courses in this category explore how digital cultures explain and define life in the modern world.

Internet Memes & Digital Media

Internet Memes & Digital Media - FLC 639

We have all encountered internet memes.  Examples include YouTube videos with millions of hits, and Facebook pictures shared thousands of times.  Just as biological systems spread genes, social systems spread memes.  A meme is a package of information that people naturally like to spread & an internet meme is one spread via social media.  Often the meme is entertaining, as is the case with popular YouTube or Facebook content.  In this FLC, we will learn the cognitive science behind memes, and learn how to create internet memes using digital media, including Photoshop, Premier, and After-Effects.  We will work individually and in teams to create YouTube and Facebook memes.  Finally, we will work with local small businesses to create useful internet memes that market their products and services.