Health Sciences

Students who are interested in Health Sciences have found great success in starting their undergraduate academic careers taking an FLC.  There is no better way to get an understanding of the practice of medicine than to learn from health care professionals your freshman year!

The Biology of Toxins

The Biology of Toxins - FLC 613

Sex, drugs, and rock-&-roll - what’s the connection? What’s up with Botox? Why is anthrax so fearsome? Can we depend on the FDA to ensure that the medicines we take are safe? These and other questions will be explored as we study natural and manmade toxins and delve into the uses - including bio-terrorism and drug abuse - that man makes of these diverse and ubiquitous compounds. Lectures will examine the physiology, biochemistry, and medical uses of naturally-occurring toxins, while student-conducted discussions of the medical, psychological, and sociological ramifications of topics covered in lecture will be used to enhance students’ learning experience. Finally, students working in small teams will research a toxicology topic of their choosing, and discuss their results during an oral presentation. In ENGL 102 you will improve your writing and critical analysis skills through expository compositions and in-class debates based on these topics.

Combines: ARSC 198ENGL 102
Meets: TR 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Mitchell Hall 216
TR 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Mitchell Hall 216
CRN: 4686246863