Learning Communities

Students can find a Learning Community that suits their interests.  Learning Communities offer a variety of themed courses ranging from technology to community service to health sciences.  There are also courses for specific majors such as Studio Art, Management, Spanish, Anthropology, and more.

Learning Communities (LC) are two classes offered together around a theme.  They explore connections between two areas and how they intersect and connect.  These classes are taught using cooperative and collaborative learning methods that engage you as an active, involved learner, with minimum of "lecturing."  All discussions, readings, problems, papers, projects and presentations of the Seminar and the linked course are integrated and unified.  Each LC is unique and developed by the instructors.  Not all LC classes are offered every semester.  LC Registration is first-come, first-served.  Your Academic Advisors is the best person to help you choose an LC.

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Learning Communities for All

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Business education is growing amongst students all around the world. Knowing business and being successful in that is important for people, more now than in previous years perhaps. People in business are aware of the fact that continuous education is essential and having new ideas and fresh input can give a company or established brand the necessary push to stay above water in this tough economy.  Business education is the stepping stone for the industry, getting a qualification is the first step, but being successful in it you must continue this education.


Cultural Studies

Getting through college is more than just getting through.  It is about understanding the people, places, and things all around you.  Cultural Studies courses help students connect their experiences to their passions; the true definition of integrative learning.

Digital Age

Understanding how economies, politics, and social connections happen in the digital age is essential for every field of study.  The courses in this category explore how digital cultures explain and define life in the modern world.

Dual Core Credit

Not sure what courses you want to take?  Check out a Dual Core Credit course!  You may be interested in just sampling great required UNM courses offered by some of the best instructors at UNM.  And all credits generated in this category count towards UNM's Core Curriculum.  Fast-Track through UNM's core curriculum and have fun in the process!


Educators across the country recognize the importance of training in the field of education, not only for learning the art of teaching and options for being an educator, but to study the field of education and how it is delivered.  There is no better place than to study these ideas at a 21st century research university that envelops and studies not only the history of education, but understands the future of educating the citizens of the world.

No Education themed LCs for Spring 2014.

Fine Arts

Arts education refers to education in the disciplines of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.  Education in the arts is an integral part of developing each human.  In fact, many advocate that STEM does not truly pick up STEAM without the Arts!

For Specific Majors

Several LCs have been designed for specific majors at UNM.  Complete courses directly related to your degree from Day One!

Health Sciences

Students who are interested in Health Sciences have found great success in starting their undergraduate academic careers taking an FLC.  There is no better way to get an understanding of the practice of medicine than to learn from health care professionals your freshman year!

Impacting The World

It is not enough to come to college to learn how to make a dollar... it's time to make a difference!  These learning communities encourage students to not only see the world as it is, but to be the change they want to see in the world.

International Studies

As we continue to live in a Global Economy, it is essential for UNM students to prepare to serve the world.  These courses give students a great foundations in international relations, foreign affairs, or for those interested in entering study abroad programs at UNM.

Introductory Studies

UNM offers FLC for all students, and students who must complete Introductory Studies courses have an opportunity to take enhanced versions of English 100 linked to engaged courses.


Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  And there is no reason to wait to find out how our legal society operates.  These FLCs are great, not only for students interested in the practice of law, but for students who want to further understand the American legal system.

Natural Sciences

Our knowledge of the world is created by our understanding of the planet we walk upon every day.  These FLCs help give some foundation to your understanding of the world that moves above us, below us, and all around.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences classes