Faculty Handbook

Who can teach in learning communities?

Anyone who is certified and assigned to teach a course is eligible to teach in in a learning community structure. If you are an instructor who has been assigned a First Year Experience learning community class, then you will be offered curriculum development funding that supports integrating your own discipline course with the College Success or Effective Learning curriculum. (If you are assigned the CG100 or EL115 class, then your curriculum development award can be used to integrate the discipline-specific issues and learning goals of the course you are linking with to your own syllabus.  This work is currently sponsored by the Title III Grant and will continue through Learning Communities as budgets allow.)

What are the benefits of teaching in a learning community?

The most significant benefits to teaching in a learning community is the enhanced engagement and satisfaction that your students will experience while in your classroom. Lane has conducted student learning and satisfaction surveys on all of our learning community students, and we have found a distinct positive impact on these measures. You can review our data by clicking here.

Another benefit of teaching in the learning community is that you will be awarded curriculum development support (up to 30 hours for first-year experience learning communities, and more for completely new learning communities).