First-Year Learning Communities Request for Charter Transportation

Charter Transportation Instruction Sheet

Charter Transportation Request Form

First-Year Learning Community instructors wishing to take their students on field trips are not required to use charter transportation, but may do so if desired. Faculty requesting charter transportation must take the following steps to ensure charter reservation:

  1. Submit Budget Request: Please estimate charter cost in the Budget Request Form. An FLC day trip (3 hours/Albuquerque) typically costs $350.00, depending on destination and duration of field trip (this excludes additional stops). If you require additional resources such as meals, admission fees, etc. please add that on a separate line in the Budget Request Form.

  2. Request for Charter Transportation Form: Complete the Charter Transportation Request Form and submit to

  3. After receiving the Request for Charter Transportation Form, Program Facilitator will process charter reservation and complete a charter contract. This contract will be sent back to the coordinating instructor for approval and signature. This will complete the Request for Charter Transportation and the coordinating instructor will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. Coordinating Instructors can expect to receive a Charter Transportation Confirmation Packet no earlier than one month prior to their scheduled event.

Important Notes about Charter Transportation

  1. University College will assume responsibility for processing charter reservation, contract agreement, and certificate of liability insurance.

  2. It is recommended that faculty obtain emergency contact information from students prior to the date of field trip.

  3. Charter buses are unavailable the week of the Balloon Fiesta.

  4. Due to bus availability, it is best to submit this request at least three weeks prior to desired charter reservation.