Fiscal Research Services Working Group (FRSWG)

The Fiscal Research Services Working Group (FRSWG) was established in January 2006 to facilitate communication and improve processes related to grants administration at the UNM Health Sciences Center. Facilitated by the Vice President of Translational Research, the FRSWG is comprised of representatives from the HSC Budget Office, Office of Research, Pre-Award, Contract and Grant Accounting, Unrestricted Accounting, and UNM Medical Group.

Monthly sessions are designed to coordinate efforts between these groups and to examine, address and improve the grants administration process. In addition, the FRSWG members work collectively to design and implement monthly education and training sessions for principal investigators and research administrators.

FRSWG 2013 Education Sessions

2013 FRSWG Presentations
Date Presented
May 2013 Agenda 5/31/2013
DPI - Process Change 5/31/2013
HR - Catastrophic Leave 5/31/2013
HR - Short Term Disability 5/31/2013
Pre-Award Click Commerce 5/31/2013
Purchasing - Procurement Changes 5/31/2013
Taxation - Payments - Service Awards and Participant Fees 5/31/2013
Year End Fiscal Change Business Purpose 5/31/2013
Contract & Grant Accounting Updates 2/22/2013
Certificate of Liability Required for Vendors 2/22/2013
Doing Business with Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC) 2/22/2013
UNM Temps Staffing Solutions 2/22/2013
2012 FRSWG Presentations
Date Presented
Change to RTSF Processes 10/26/2012
HSC Code of Ethics A New Vision 10/26/2012
HSC Conflicts of Interest - New Requirements 10/26/2012
HSC Unrestricted Accounting FY12 Operational Update 10/26/2012
HSC Office of Research/Div of HR Task Force Initiative 10/26/2012
Biomedical Research Education programs (BREP) 09/07/2012
HR Presentation 09/07/2012
Miscellaneous Announcements 09/07/2012
Non-UNM Student Programs 09/07/2012
Fiscal Year End Close 2012 04/27/2012
HSC Office of Research/HR Task Force Initiative 04/27/2012
PCard Workflow 04/27/2012
Timely Reimbursement Requests - Required 04/27/2012
Policy Revisions 02/24/2012
Travel Per Diem Update 02/24/2012
FY12 Facilities & Administrative Rate Proposal 01/27/2012
HR Communication Approach 01/27/2012
New Effort Certification Process 01/27/2012
2011 FRSWG Presentations
Date Presented
Financial COI Regulations - NIH Final Rule 10/28/2011
HR Presentation 10/28/2011
NIH - What is considered a New Application and
NIH - Appeals of Initial Peer Review
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Exclusions 10/28/2011
One Time Pay Equity Supplement 10/28/2011
Per Diem Changes 10/28/2011
2010 FRSWG Presentations
Date Presented
PCard Travel Transaction Workflow 09/24/2010
FY10 Year End Close 05/28/2010
FY11 Budget - Focusing on Top slice and Gap Tax 05/28/2010
Xtender-Viewing Documents 05/28/2010
Catastrophic Leave 04/23/2010
NIH Salary Cap 04/23/2010
FY10 Year End Close 04/23/2010
FY10 Year End Close Schedule (Department) Click here 04/23/2010
Contract & Grant Accounting Enhancements 3/26/2010
Labor Redistributions in Banner 8 (PHAREDS) 3/26/2010
Close-out Memo from the VP HSC/UNM Finance & University Controller 3/26/2010
Budget Calendar 2/26/2010
Enhanced PCard Capabilities 2/26/2010
PCard Enhancements 2/26/2010
SOM Spring Budget Calendar 2/26/2010
Tentative Budget Planner 2/26/2010
Workflow Reports by Department 2/26/2010
Close outs Update 1/22/2010
Enabling Finance Org Security 1/22/2010
F&A Splits 1/22/2010
Financial Services Div. HSC Admin Changes 1/22/2010
Grants Management Admin Meeting 1/22/2010
2009 FRSWG Presentations
Date Presented
ARRA Awards Update 10/23/2009
Bill / Certifications Workflow 10/23/2009
Paying Tuition for HSC Students 10/23/2009
NIH Announces Restructure of Forms and Page Limits 9/22/2009 (email)
ARRA Reporting Update 9/25/2009
Banner 8 Update 9/25/2009
Financial Services Support Center 9/25/2009
DTRA - Defense Threat Reduction Agency 8/28/2009
Appropriate Unrestricted Accts for Residual Balance Entries 8/28/2009
Contract & Grant, HSC Updates 8/28/2009
Grant Management Training Certification 8/28/2009
HSC Pre Award Updates 8/28/2009
Unrestricted Accounting, HSC Updates 8/28/2009
Communication Guidelines 7/24/2009
E-Verify Update 7/24/2009
F&A Memo & Rate 2009 Final 7/24/2009
UBIT 7/24/2009
UBIT Tax Questionnaire 7/24/2009
ARRA Reporting Requirements 6/26/2009
ARRA Required Data 6/26/2009
Fiscal YE Close 6/26/2009
LEARN Special Edition 6/26/2009
STC.UNM Patent Process 6/26/2009
Award Budget Sheet-Form 5/22/2009
Award Budget Sheet-Instructions 5/22/2009
Close-out's YTD Update 5/22/2009
UNM HSC Conflict of Interest Disclosure 5/22/2009
UNM HSC F&A Waiver Request Form 5/22/2009
UNM HSC FY09 / FY10 Agreement List (PreAward) 5/22/2009
UNM HSC Proposal Data Sheet (PDS) 5/22/2009
Fiscal Year End Close and Accruals 4/24/2009
FY09 Schedule Linked to FSSC homepage 4/24/2009
ITS Update Results 4/24/2009
Survey Results 4/24/2009
Conflicts of Interest Addendum Form 2/27/2009
Workflow Overview & Update 1/23/2009
Fund Close-out's 1/23/2009
Information Guide to Finance Self Service 1/23/2009
FRSWG Yale Settlement RE: Effort 1/23/2009