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Financial Services Job Aids (FSJA)
Job Aid #Job Aid TitleRevision Date
FSJA-001 Subscribing to FastInfo Answer's February, 2014
FSJA-002 How to Look Up an Encumbrance 03/08/2013
FSJA-004 How to Look Up Index and Account Code Balance February, 2015
FSJA-005 'FOPA' What does it Mean? 03/11/2013
FSJA-007 Finance Query Forms - Non-Student AR  
FSJA-008 FOAAINP - Navigating FOAAINP 02/01/2013
FSJA-010 LoboMart Completing a Requisition for FY16 May, 2015
FSJA-011 SPQ-Searching for an existing SPQ 02/01/2013
FSJA-012 DP-EZ - Approving a DP-EZ 07/01/2013
FSJA-013 FGITBAL - Exporting Transaction Detail 02/28/2011
FSJA-014 Adding a Channel 08/01/2011
FSJA-015 Reimbursement for Expenses Made in Foreign Currency 06/15/2011
FSJA-016 Administrative Finance Training Recommendations July, 2014
FSJA-017 Finance Security Matrix July, 2014
FSJA-018 Encumbrances: Create, Adjust, Liquidate a General Encumbrance 09/01/2011
FSJA-020 Requisition-Canceling a PR  
FSJA-021 Requisition-Finding a Banner PR # if you only know the LoboMart # 06/01/2011
FSJA-022 Purchasing-Status of Purchase Requisition 06/01/2011
FSJA-023 Requisition-PR/PO Status using Banner  
FSJA-024 Purchase Orders-Encumbrance Inquiry  
FSJA-025 Receiving-Accessing a Receiver that is 'Incomplete' or 'In Process' 09/01/2011
FSJA-026 Purchase Orders-How to look up PO's in Banner 02/01/2013
FSJA-028 Banner Finance Common Query Forms 11/01/2011
FSJA-029 Budget Availability FGIBAVL Overview 07/01/2011
FSJA-030 Reconcile Airline Tickets, Hotel, Rental Car & Agent Fees 04/26/2012
FSJA-031 Receiving-Basic Receiving in Banner February, 2014
FSJA-032 LoboMart My Favorites 03/23/2012
FSJA-033 LoboMart PR Search 03/23/2012
FSJA-034 LoboMart Payment Options 03/23/2012
FSJA-035 LoboMart Requisition Status 03/23/2012
FSJA-036 Receiving-Delete an Incomplete Receiver 12/10/2010
FSJA-037 Returning Goods 09/01/2011
FSJA-038 How to Ask a Question or Chat in FastInfo 4/17/2010
FSJA-040 Searching FastInfo - Tips February, 2014
FSJA-041 Inventory Control Account Codes February, 2014
FSJA-042 Vendor - How to search Vendor history 05/01/2011
FSJA-043 LoboWeb Creating a Journal Voucher 10/01/2011
FSJA-044 FGIBDST - Organization Budget Status 07/01/2011
FSJA-045 Exporting Transaction Detail FGIBDST to Excel 02/28/2011
FSJA-046 FGIBDST - How to look up documents 10/01/2011
FSJA-047 DP-EZ - Printing Multiple DP-EZ Forms 05/24/2010
FSJA-048 FOIAPPH - Approval History Form 02/28/2011
FSJA-049 GUAMESG-Viewing your Messages 02/28/2011
FSJA-050 Finance Alerts Grants Channel 09/01/2011
FSJA-051 Financial Advisor Channel 09/01/2011
FSJA-052 My Account Channel 09/01/2011
FSJA-053 My Worklist Channel 09/01/2011
FSJA-054 Approval Alerts Channel 09/01/2011
FSJA-055 DP-EZ Finding/Searching for your DP-EZ May, 2014
FSJA-056 WebXtender Printing Documents 03/08/2013
FSJA-057 Delete an Incomplete DP-EZ 02/28/2011
FSJA-058 Approving a Requisition 09/20/2010
FSJA-059 Vendor-How to Query a Vendor in Banner Finance February, 2014
FSJA-061 Frequently Used Banner Forms 09/07/2010
FSJA-062 Determining Fund and Grant Balances 03/25/2011
FSJA-063 How to Look Up Grant Attributes 03/25/2011
FSJA-065 How to Find Grants by PI 07/01/2011
FSJA-066 Review Grant Transaction Detail 03/25/2011
FSJA-067 Research Accounting Common Query Forms 03/25/2011
FSJA-069 Preparing an Honorarium 08/01/2013
FSJA-070 Reconciling Travel Advance with a Travel Reimbursement 06/15/2011
FSJA-071 Banner Creating a Journal Voucher 01/17/2013
FSJA-072 Journal Voucher Correcting a JV in a Status of Incomplete 07/01/2013
FSJA-073 Banner Finance Rule Class Codes May, 2014
FSJA-074 Viewing Documents in WebXtender 03/21/2013
FSJA-075 Journal Vouchers, Deleting a JV in Incomplete Status 10/01/2011
FSJA-076 LoboMart Splitting Index and Account Codes 04/02/2013
FSJA-078 Preparing a DP-EZ 02/28/2011
FSJA-079 LoboWeb Self Service Labor Redistribution 09/21/2010
FSJA-080 PHAREDS Labor Redistribution 03/30/2010
FSJA-081 How to Request a Travel Advance 06/15/2011
FSJA-082 FGIBDST Exporting Detail to Excel 07/01/2011
FSJA-083 Searching for UNM Contracts in Web Xtender  
FSJA-084 Labor Redistribution Disposition/Definitions/Reports 07/01/2011
FSJA-085 Labor Redistribution Return for correction 04/23/2010
FSJA-086 Labor Redistribution Approving in LoboWeb Self Service 07/01/2011
FSJA-087 Labor Redistribution Comments & 90 Day Memo 07/30/2010
FSJA-088 Labor Redistribution Adding Approver on the Fly 07/01/2011
FSJA-089 Research Fund Inquiry 03/25/2011
FSJA-090 Labor Redistribution Process Several Earnings Codes 07/01/2011
FSJA-091 Using LoboMart for Internal Services 03/23/2012
FSJA-092 Using The PCard Transaction Report in MyReports January, 2015
FSJA-093 DP-EZ - Adding Multiple Distributions to a DP-EZ 03/20/2013
FSJA-094 Security - How to Request Finance Org Security January, 2014
FSJA-095 Viewing Pending Documents in Banner Finance INB 11/01/2011
FSJA-096 Viewing Pending Documents in Finance Self Service 11/01/2011
FSJA-098 Viewing Scanned Documents in Finance Self Service 11/01/2011
FSJA-103 Copying a completed Journal Voucher to create a new one 07/01/2013
FSJA-110 COA Term Index Request October, 2015
Memo P-Card Account Code Restrictions