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WC Guidelines




The Wellness Center (WC) is located on the southeast side of the campus next to the Bookstore. The center includes a cardio and resistance room, group fitness room, classroom, showers, and locker rooms.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life and health of the campus community concerning all aspects of wellness by providing education, safe effective exercise activities, and assistance in developing a healthy lifestyle.

Guidelines are:

  1. Anyone 18 years and older or who has graduated from high school may enroll in a Physical Education class.
  2. Students log in and out of the WC on the computers to record visits.
  3. Students are required to complete an “Informed Risks and Waiver” and “PAR-Q” form.
  4. If the Instructor deems it necessary, the student may be asked to follow up with a signed consent form from their doctor.
  5. The cardio/weight room is accessible only to students enrolled in a Physical Education course. (An orientation is mandatory for students enrolled in the Introduction to Fitness or Move More Be Fit classes.)
  6. Profanity is prohibited in the Wellness Center.
  7. Horseplay and inappropriate/disruptive behavior is prohibited. Inappropriate/disruptive behavior is any behavior a reasonable person would consider as being likely to substantially or repeatedly interfere with the conduct of the Wellness Center.
  8. Daily use lockers are available in the locker rooms for your valuables and personal items.  Please return the key for the locker before leaving the center. Items left in a locker may be placed in the lost and found.
  9. The center does not provide a towel service at this time.
  10. Food is not permitted in the WC at any time.  Beverages must be kept in a spill proof, plastic container.
  11. Instructors can help with any questions you may have regarding your exercise program.
  12. Student employees are available to take questions, suggestions and comments relating to equipment, policies and rules.
  13. After using the exercise equipment use the sanitizing wipes to wide down the equipment.
  14. Return all attachments and weights to the proper designated location.
  15. Do not place bars or weights on the benches.
  16. If you need to place your feet on the bench, please have a towel underneath them.
  17. Limit yourself to 45 minutes on the cardio machines if the WC is busy.

Dress requirements are:

  1. Athletic footwear is required to exercise in the group fitness room and cardio/weight room.  No open-toe shoes, sandals, boots, or shoes of any kind with metal hooks will be allowed in the cardio/weight room.
  1. Wear comfortable, clean, athletic clothing.  No jeans, belts or exposed metal.


Wellness Center (505) 925-8830