Published Essays by Alumni of the
523 Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Tani Arness

“Red Dirt Paths” Fourth Genre (2005)

Ty Bannerman

The ExhibitionMidway Journal (2012)

Molly Beer

"Disappeared"  Sycamore Review (2007)
Coatepeque NightswimmingNimrod (2008)
“Up Ilamatepec”  Copper Nickel (2010)
Body Politic on the Road to Sonsonate The Truth about the Fact (2010)
"My Folks, My Illegal Car,and the Salvadoran (2010)
“Under the Fifth Sun”  Bellingham Review (2014)
“Lifecycle of the Butterflies” Pinch Journal (2014)
            Winner of the Pinch Journal Essay Prize
“Who Made This Grave”  Vela  (2013)
            Re-printed in Best Women’s Travel Writing 2013

John Bess

Non Pro NobisCreative Nonfiction: Anthology: Silence Kills, SMU Press (2007)
      Creative Nonfiction Issue 33 (2007)

Paul Bogard

Desert River DrowningThe Sonora Review (2004)
CrashRiver Teeth (2005)
Dog StarNorth Dakota Quarterly (2004)
“The Path & Pull of the Moon”   Creative Nonfiction (2008)
     Selected as a Notable Essay of 2009, in Best American Essays 2010
“Hearing Moon & Starlight” The Gettysburg Review (2007)

Let There be Night, University of Nevada Press, 2008
The End of Night: Discovering Darkness in an Age of Light, Little Brown, 2013

Jeremy Collins

“Shadow Boxing” The Georgia Review (2007)
       Winner of a 2008 Pushcart Prize
"When We Were Young & Confederate" Chautaqua (2012) 
“Papa Don’t Preach”   Sycamore Review (2013)
       Winner of Wabash Prize for Nonfiction judged by Mary Karr

Melody Gee

Back HomeNorth Dakota Quarterly (2007)
Jack’s Kitchen” Copper Nickel (2010)

Lisa Gill

“Mortality Matters”  The Truth About the Fact (2009)
The Necessity of Navel Gazing”     Brevity (2010)
 “Torrent”   Room (2010)
  “House #36”   North Dakota Quarterly (2012)

Billy Howell

"How to Leave Your Mother”  Florida Review (2010)
       Selected as a Notable Essay of 2010, in Best American Essays 2011

Laura Matter

Pursuing The Great Bad Novelist  The Georgia Review (2007)
        Reprinted in Best Creative Nonfiction 2008 W.W. Norton
The Crab in the Stars”   Brevity (2008)
The Long Run”   Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature (2009)
                           Reprint: Vela (2010)
Franz Schubert Dreamt of Indians”  The Georgia Review (2010)

Patricia O’Connor

Private Ceremonies Brain, Child (2007)
See the TedxABQ Talk based on this essay: My Private Ceremony
Alchemy”   Brain, Child (2013)

Rachel Pratt

“Negotiating Bride Price” The Missouri Review (2003)
     Winner of The Missouri Review Nonfiction Prize
“Broken Waters” Fourth Genre (2007)

Suzanne Richardson                                                   
            “Throw it Up”     New Ohio Review (2012)
            “Oh Niagara!”    The Journal (2013)
                        Winner of The Journal Nonfiction Prize judged by Sonya Huber

Dana Salvador

“After the Harvest” Fourth Genre (2007)
In Migration”   Cold Mountain Review (2011)
"Jimmy" North Dakota Quarterly (2013)

Jennifer Schaller

"The Man Who Came to Dinner"  This American Life (NPR) (12/21/2007)
"Super Prego" Brain, Child (2008)
"My Father Was a Traveling Salesman" forthcoming in Sonora Review (2009)
"The Opposite of Gary" forthcoming in The Georgetown Review (2009)

Micaela Seidel

"The Good Daughter" North Dakota Quarterly (2009)
"Falling, Stairs, Fragments, Fire"    Two Hawks Quarterly (2010)

Kayrn Smith

"Weather" forthcoming in Room (2009)

Mike Smith

"Notes from a Slowly Dying Suburbanite"   The Baltimore Review (2013)
“Some Thoughts on LeeAnne”   The Florida Review (2012)
Start Breaking My Heart”    Eunoia Review (2013)

Elizabeth Tannen
            “Our Food Porn Romance” (2011)
            “Jackie”    The Rumpus (2012)

Melanie Unruh
      “The Place Called Mother”   Post Road (2012)
                        Selected as a Notable Essay of 2012, in Best American Essays 2013    

Chris Wrenn   
            “Breaking Line”    North Carolina Literary Review           (2010)
                        Selected as a Notable Essay of 2010, in Best American Essays 2011
Nora Hickey
            “The World is a Mirror (and Other Tales of Drinking)"     Diagram (2013)