2014  Taos Summer Writer's Conference

The Memoir

Greg Martin


  1. The Situation & the Story” by Vivian Gornick.  This is the title essay from her book (with the same title) on the craft of memoir. 
  2. Reflection & Retrospection” by Philip Lopate
  3. Working & Reworking” Stephen Koch, from THE MODERN LIBRARY WRITER’S WORKSHOP (a fantastic book on craft, which I would assign also, but I don’t want to come across (right away, anyway) as a masochist.
  4. "Linear Design"  Madison Smartt Bell
  5. "Modular Design"  Madison Smartt Bell
  6. "Dysfunctional Narratives" Charles Baxter
  7. "Incremental Perturbation" John Barth
  8. "The End of the Novel of Love" Vivian Gornick
  9. "What Stories Teach their Writers: The Purpose & Practice of Revision" Jane Smiley
  10. "The Eleventh Draft" Chris Offutt
  11. "Writing Personal Essays: Turning Oneself into a Character" Philip Lopate
  12. "The Right to Write" Roxanna Robinson
  13. "Breaking the Conventions of Memoir" Gregory Martin
  14. "A Memoir is a Reckoning" Gregory Martin
  15. "The Treadmill Journal" Gregory Martin