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Suppose that  represents the observed net energy production by hunter-gatherers (HGs) and suppose  is the actual data on mortality rates for HGs. It follows that the actual value of life,  , say, can be constructed as the solution to

Suppose now that mortality is given parametrically as

for  and  , as a function of energy devoted to mortality reduction, s. If s were chosen optimally, then

It follows that predicted energy,  , say, satisfies

so that predicted mortality satisfies



where  .

A check of the theoretical specification can then be obtained by comparing  with  , the actual mortality rates, as in the following figure. Further, the robustness of the model can be checked by specifying alternative values of  and  (Note: Once  and  are given,  is chosen so that (1) fits the data best).

Figure 1: Forager Simulated and Actual Mortality Rates




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