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Bil Ed 593

Educating Teachers about Second Language Learners
Spring 1999
Hokona 373
Thursday -- 4:00-6:30 p.m.

Holbrook Mahn
Hokona 212
Office hours:
T & Th 2-3:30

Course Goals/Objectives --

1. To help students gain a knowledge base in the methods of teaching a second language and to participate in developing a required course for all future teachers graduating from the College of Education.

2. To develop a deeper theoretical understanding of second language acquisition and the implications for teaching.

3. To develop a web page to be used as a resource for future instructors and their students in the Educating the Second Language Learner course.

4. To develop ideas for further research and to generate ideas for dissertation topics.

5. To initiate an on-line journal "Educating Second Language Learners."

6. To participate in an on-line discussion group for this seminar.
Click Here for access to the discussion group.


Class Meeting Summaries

January 29th -- Nestor's Summary

February 4th -- Cathrene's Summary