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The Custer Reader

by Paul Andrew Hutton 

University of Oklahoma Press, 2004
ISBN: 0-8061-3465-8
Paperback, $24.95

 "[These] well-illustrated pages contain just about everything you'd want to know about the impetuous, courageous but not overly clever [Custer]....Some of the most gripping reports are those of officers who actually participated in the fatal expedition and its maneuvers in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory. The Indians get their word in, too, most notably a grisly account of the 1876 battle by an eighty-year-old Cheyenne woman named Kate Bighead....Certainly the dashing, war-loving Long Hair-which is what the Indians called their implacable enemy-never seemed more vivid a figure than in this unusual anthology." --Parade Magazine

"Very seldom is a book a pure joy to read; The Custer Reader is such a book. It offers standard texts and fresh insights about the United States' most famous-and most maligned-military figure." --True West

"May well become the definitive book on this mythical and thoroughly controversial figure." --AB Bookman Weekly

"Interest in the career of George Armstrong Custer has been unflagging since his death in the battle near the Little Bighorn River in 1876, and books and articles about him have flowed steadily. It is time, then that a diligent scholar and able editor should seek out the best that has been written by and about Custer, both by contemporaries and modern scholars, and package it for those who thrive on Custeriana as well as for those who would simply like to know more about him. Mr. Hutton has done a fine job of presenting both the man and the many myths that have grown up around the boy general of the Civil War and the colorful Indian fighter of the plains." --Washington Times.

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