Audit Reports 2007

Please contact Internal Audit if you need a copy of any of these reports.

  • 2005-35 Office of Medical Investigator Audit of Payroll Processes
  • 2006-02 Center for Community Partnerships Audit of Payroll Processes
  • 2006-05 Department of Biology Audit of Allegations of Misreporting Payroll Hours
  • 2006-14 NCAA Athletic Department Audit of Student-Athlete Eligibility
  • 2006-19 Extended University Leadership New Mexico Grant Audit of Employment Issues
  • 2006-23 Ibero American Science & Technology Education Consortium Business Review
  • 2006-40 Emergency Medical Services Academy Audit of Cash Handling
  • 2006-48 UNM Taos Audit of Over-awarding Financial Aid
  • 2006-62 Department of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering Audit of Allegations Regarding Misuse of Federal Funds
  • 2006-63 The University of New Mexico Harwood Museum Preliminary Assessment of Select Operations
  • 2007-01 Anderson Schools of Management Audit of Faculty Compensation
  • 2007-07 Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Women's Golf Audit of Undeposited Cash