Audit Reports 2008

Please contact Internal Audit if you need a copy of any of these reports.

  • 2005-12 Purchasing Department Audit of Purchasing Card Process
  • 2005-15 University Governance
  • 2005-33 Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Audit of Restricted Funds Procedures
  • 2006-16 College Enrichment and Outreach Programs - Upward Bound Grant Audit of Allegations
  • 2006-26 Division of Continuing Education and Community Services Audit of Tuition Remission
  • 2006-65 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Audit of Allegations Regarding the Create Award
  • 2007-05 The University of New Mexico Gallup Audit of Financial and Operational Efficiency
  • 2007-08 Student Financial Aid Office Audit of Internal Controls for Financial Aid Awards
  • 2007-31 University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Audit of Financial and Operational Efficiency
  • 2007-32 College of Fine Arts Audit of Allegations Regarding Misuse of Computer Equipment
  • 2007-33 Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Men's Golf Audit of Team Travel
  • 2007-34 The University of New Mexico Assessment of Art Collection Management
  • 2008-01 UNM-Taos Audit of Financial and Operational Efficiency
  • 2008-06 School of Law Enlace Award Audit of Allegations
  • 2008-08 Audit of Main Campus Research Business Practices and Processes
  • 2008-12 Analysis of Main Campus Research Outside Study Group Recommendations
  • 2008-13 Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Audit of Allegations Regarding Borrowing Cash
  • 2008-14 Main Campus Academic Units - Analysis of the Carry Forward Balances