Is the Reporting Party's Name Confidential?

  • Anonymous UNM Hotline 1-888-899-6092 and
    The UNM Hotline and are risk-free ways to anonymously report your knowledge or suspicions of fraud, misconduct or retaliation.

  • Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities (Policy 7205)
    The Internal Audit Department is available and receptive to receiving relevant information on a confidential basis and should be contacted directly whenever a dishonest or fraudulent activity is suspected.

  • Misconduct and Retaliation (Policy 2200)
    The University will try to prevent disclosure of the identity of the employee reporting alleged misconduct without their consent. However, often the identity of an employee may become obvious to others due to the nature of the information. The employee's identity will be disclosed:

      • to any law enforcement agency investigating the matter;

      • to University employees assigned to investigate the matter;

      • to University administrators to the extent necessary to conduct an investigation (on a need to know basis);

      • if required pursuant to a subpoena or by law;

      • if necessary to defend a grievance by an employee; or

      • if required by due process in connection with disciplinary action against the person accused.