Are You Aware Of Your Responsibility When Purchasing Chemicals For Your Department?

    The University may be subjected to extensive fines if they do not comply with a variety of State statutes, and State and Federal regulations relating to the purchasing, use and disposal of chemicals. These statutes and regulations apply to all organizational units under the University umbrella. Chemicals include but are not limited to: chemicals used for research, teaching, and the healing arts as well as custodial cleaning products, solvents and fuels.

    Per regulations and statutes, the University must maintain a complete inventory of chemicals on hand. Safety and Risk Services (SRS) is leading the effort to create this inventory. Persons who order, receive, possess or use these chemicals will update this inventory annually.

    Purchasers of chemicals are responsible for reporting these purchases, with the required information, to Safety and Risk Services (SRS).

    To obtain more information, review the SRS website at

    Please assist the University in reducing its risk by complying with policy.

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