Tip of the month

    Do you know how to obtain approved Internal Audit Reports and other information?

    The Board of Regents Audit Committee meets quarterly to act on internal audits and other business.  Once the Audit Committee approves internal audit reports, they become public and are posted on the Internal Audit has a website as soon as practicable.  The website is at  Following are tips on what is on the web site and how to access audit reports.  

    • Audit Reports - go to the website and click on the “Audit Reports.”  The reports are filed by the fiscal year in which the Audit Committee approves them for publication.  Within each fiscal year, the reports are in numeric order.  Reading these reports will give you insight into the types of issues arising at UNM and might give you ideas and guidance on where you might improve your operations. 
    • Tips - click on “Tips” and you will access guidance on issues identified through audit work and our reporting misconduct investigations.  The tips are filed in month order as they were issued.
    • Internal Controls-Control Self-Assessment – click on this like and you will go to a questionnaire that summarizes the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual and gives you pointers regarding the appropriate controls that should be in place for compliance. 
    If you have any questions, please call Internal Audit at 277-5016