Do You Know What To Do If You Suspect Misconduct Or Receive A Report Of Misconduct?

    Did you know that The University of New Mexico has a policy that “strongly encourages all University employees, acting in good faith, to report any suspected misconduct that may be taking place at the University.” (Policy 2200 from the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual).

    A University employee may not interfere or try to interfere with the right of another employee to report suspected misconduct and may not retaliate against an employee who has reported suspected misconduct. The policy also states that “Retaliation will not be tolerated and will be promptly investigated by the University.”

    Misconduct is any on-the-job activity performed by a University employee that violates state and/or federal laws or regulations, local ordinances, or University policy.

    Supervisors should not investigate reports, but instead must notify the Internal Audit Department when they receive a report of suspected misconduct.

    Please feel free to bring your concerns to the Internal Audit Department directly at 277-5016 or make a confidential report by calling 1-888-899-6092.

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