Be Aware of Your Responsibility for Cash and Check Depositing

    Did you know that any check or cash your department receives from any source needs to be deposited into the University or UNM Foundation bank accounts? This is accomplished by using the UNM Cashier’s Office or, in the case of fundraising, taking the monies to the UNM Foundation office. This includes:

  • Conference fees,
  • Monies from charging for copies,
  • Donations of any kind,
  • Sale of items or services including those items students purchase for class and those that promote your department,
  • Proceeds from any vending machine for which the department is responsible,
  • Rebates and refunds related to university purchases,
  • Employee reimbursements for personal use of University assets such as personal phone calls, fax machines and copies, and
  • All fundraising activities.

    In other words, the department may not spend monies received on goods and services without first depositing the monies and then using the University system to process the purchases. “Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures,” Policy 4000 University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual addresses this issue.

    The University offers Cash Management training. It is mandatory for those who are responsible for handling cash, as well as their direct supervisor, but others may attend. The policy governing cash training is “Cash Management,” Policy 7200, University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

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