Spring 2015
Distinguished Lecture by
Wendy Ashmore

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Alert: Important Information for Swets Subscribers

We were informed of the Swets Bankruptcy on October 23, 2014.  Because of this, JAR Vol. 70(3), 2014, had already been shipped to Swets in Runnemede, New Jersey, USA, but it may not have been distributed by Swets or its agents.

Click here for information regarding JAR's replacement policy and future distribution plans for former Swets subscribers.

EDITOR: Lawrence Guy Straus

EDITORIAL BOARD: Philip K. Bock, Patricia Crown, Les Field, Louise Lamphere, Carole Nagengast, David E. Stuart

ASSOCIATE EDITORS:Wendy Ashmore (U. California-Riverside), Srimati Basu (University of Kentucky), Steven Churchill (Duke University), Jean Comaroff (University of Chicago), Raymond DeMallie (Indiana University), E. Paul Durrenberger (Pennsylvania State University), Donald K. Grayson (University of Washington-Seattle), Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University), Jane Hill (University of Arizona), Robert Hitchcock (UNM), Steven Kuhn (University of Arizona), Barbara Mills (University of Arizona), Mary Moran (Colgate University), Jeremy A. Sabloff (Santa Fe Institute), Maureen Trudelle Schwarz (Syracuse University), Melinda A. Zeder (Smithsonian Institute)


BOOK REVIEW COMMITTEE for Ethnology and Linguistic Anthropology:
Ronda Brulotte, Erin Debenport, David Dinwoodie, Suzanne Oakdale, Lindsay Smith, and Cristobal Valencia (Coordinator)

BOOK REVIEW EDITOR for Archaeology and Paleoanthropology: Lawrence Straus

BOOK REVIEW EDITOR for Physical and Biological Anthropology: Osbjorn Pearson

COPY EDITOR: June-el Piper

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