SPRING 2001-
      JAR Distinguished Lecture: R.G. Klein on the African Origins of Modern Humans

           Southern Africa and Modern Human Origins
           Richard G. Klein, page 1

           Ecological Mutualism in Navajo Corrals: Implications for Navajo Environmental
           Perceptions and Human/Plant Coevolution
           Lawrence A. Kuznar, page 17

           Explorations of Class and Consciousness in the U.S.
           E. Paul Durrenberger, page 41

           Triangulation and Confirmation in the Study of Welsh Concepts of Personhood
           Carol Trosset and Doug Caulkins, page 61

           Book Review
           page 83

      SUMMER 2001-
     Sinaloa, Kiowa, Sarawak, Inka, and Congo: A JAR Cultural Odyssey

          Local-Level Responses to Environmental Degradation in Northwest Mexico
          Maria Cruz-Torres, page 111

          From "Reading over the Shoulders of Natives" to " Reading Alongside Natives,"
          Literally: Toward a Colaborative and Reciprocal Ethnography
          Luke Eric Lassiter, page 137

          Bidayuh Housewives in a Changing World (Sarawak, Malaysia)
          Hew Cheng Sim, page 151

          Inka Conical Clan
          David Jenkins, page 167

          Across the Forest and Savannas: Later Stone Age Assemblages from Ituri and
          Semliki, Democratic Republic of Congo
          Julio Mercador and Alison Brooks, page 197

          Book Reviews
          page 219

     FALL 2001-
     JAR Distinguished Lecture: Michael Herzfeld "Performing Comparisons"

           Performing Comparisons: Ethnography, Globetrotting, and the Spaces of Social
           Michael Herzfeld, page 259

           Wedding of Calm and Wedding of Noise: Aging Performed and Aging
           Misquoted in Tuareg Rites of Passage
           Susan J. Rasmussen, page 277

           Sacred Colors and Shamanic Vision among the Huichol Indians of Mexico
           Hope MacLean, page 305

           DNA Analysis an the Evolutionary History of the Basque Population: A Review
           Neskutes Izagirre, Santos Alonso, and Concepcion de la Rua, page 325

           Book Review
           page 345

WINTER 2001-
     Learning and Craft Production: C. Jill Minar and Patricia Crown, Guest Editors

           Learning and Craft Production: An Introduction
           C. Jill Minar and Patricia L. Crown, page 269

           Motor Skills and the Learning Process: The Conservation of Cordage
           Final Twist Direction in Communities of Practice
           C. Jill Minar, page 281

           Communities of Practice in the Early Pottery Traditions of the American Southeast
           Kenneth E. Sassman and Wictoria Rudolphi, page 407

           Prehistoric Children Working and Playing: A Southwestern Case
           Study in Learning Ceramics
           Kathryn A. Kamp, page 427

           Learning to Make Pottery in the Prehispanic American Southwest
           Patricia L. Crown, page 451

           Learning How to Make the Right Pots: Apprenticeship Strategies and Material Culture,
           A Case Study in Handmade Pottery from Cameroon
           Hélène Wallaert-Pêtre, page 471

           Anthropology and the Crisis: An Editorial and Acknowledgements
           Lawrence Guy Straus, page 494

           page 497