SPRING 2002-
      Cumulative Index, 1991-2001
      PLUS: Ache Sharing, Puebloan Proto-History, & Book Reviews

           John Desmond Clark, Paleoanthropologist
           Lawrence Guy Straus, page 1

           Index, 1991-2001
           Patricia Nietfeld, page 5

           From Forest to Reservation: Transitions in Food-Sharing Behavior among the Ache of Paraguay
           Michael Gurven, Kim Hill, and Hilliard Kaplan, page 93

           Documents, Ceramics, Tree Rings, and Luminescence:  Estimating Final
           Native Abandonment of the Lower Rio Chama
           Ann F. Ramenofsky and James K. Feathers, page 121

           Book Review
           page 161

     SUMMER 2002-
      JAR Distinguished Lecture: Matt Cartmill on Paleoanthropology:
      Myth or Science?

           Paleoanthropology: Science or Mythological Charter?
           Matt Cartmill, page 183

           Cannibalism among Aztecs and Their Neighbors: Analysis of the 1577-1586 Relaciones Geográficas
           for Nueva España and Nueva Galicia Provinces
           Barry L. Isaac, page 203

           Race from the Bottom of the Tribe That Never Was:
           Segmentary Narratives amongst the Ghawarna of Galilee
           Sliman Khawalde and Dan Rabinowitz, page 225

           Pastoral Nomads: Some General Observations Based on Research in Iran
           Philip Carl Salzman, page 245

           Book Review
           page 265

FALL 2002-
      Seriation, Burial, Taboo, and the Self

           A.L. Kroeber and the Measurement of Time's Arrow & Time's Cycle
           R. Lee Lyman and Judith L. Harpole, page 313

           Toward a Multidimensional Model of the Self
           Jeannette Marie Mageo, page 339

           Menstruation as a Verbal Taboo among the Akan of Ghana
           Kofi Agyekum, page 367

           New Wari Mortuary Structures in the Ayacucho Valley, Peru
           Lidio M. Valdez, Katrina J. Bettcher, & J. Ernesto Valdez, page 389

           Book Review
           page 409

WINTER 2002-
      JAR Distinguished Lecture: Jane Hill on
      Linguistic Prehistory of the U.S. Southwest
      Plus a Neanderthal Revolution and a South Seas Duo

           Gordon Randolph Willey, 1913-2002
           Richard M. Leventhal, page 449

           Henri Delporte, 1920-2002
           Randall White, page 453

           Toward a Linguistic Prehistory of the Southwest: "Azteco-Tanoan
           and the Arrival of Maize Cultivation
           Jane H. Hill, page 457

           Redating the Social Revolution: The Case for the Middle Paleolithic
           Daniel Kaufman, page 477

           Myth, Cultural Identity, and Ethnopolitics: Samoa and the Tongan "Empire"
           Jeannette Mageo, page 493

          The Moral Life of Trees: Pastoral Farming and Production Forestry in Morthern New Zealand
          Julie Park, Kathryn Scott, Chris Cocklin, and Peter Davis, page 521

           Book Review
           page 545

           page 615

           page 617