SPRING 2003-
      Maya Kinship, Landscape Domestication, Taiwanese Religion,
      and Cross-Cultural Patterns

           The Diamond Anniversaries of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico
           Lawrence Guy Straus, page 1

           The Ancient Maya Kinship
           Per Hage, page 5

           Shrines and the Domestication of Landscape
           Charles Mathers, page 23

           The Cultural Impact of Gendered Social Roles and Ethnicity: Changing Religious Practices in Taiwan
           Melissa J. Brown, page 47

           Form of Marriage, Sexual Division of Labor, and Postmarital Residence in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Reconsideration
           Andrey Korotayev, page 69

           Book Reviews
           page 91

     SUMMER 2003-
      What Hath White Wrought, plus Maya Towns and Cultural Traits  

           Remembering the Braidwoods
           Patty Jo Watson, page 145

           Susan Kent, 1952–2003
           Lawrence Guy Straus, page 149

           Leslie White’s Hopi Ethnography: Of Practice and In Theory
           Peter M. Whiteley, page 151

           Un-American Anthropological Thought: The Opler-Meggers Exchange
           David H. Price and William J. Peace, page 183

           Common Origins / “Different” Identities in Two Kaqchikel Maya Towns
           Walter E. Little, page 205

           Cultural Traits: Units of Analysis in Early Twentieth-Century Anthropology
           R. Lee Lyman and Michael J. O’Brien, page 225

           Book Reviews
           page 251

     FALL 2003-
      JAR Distinguished Lecture: Don Fowler on Edgar Lee Hewett & the Founding of Anthropology at UNM, plus a Book Review

           E. L. Hewett, J. F. Zimmerman, and the Beginnings of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico, 1927–1946
           Don D. Fowler 305, page 305

           Book Reviews
           page 329

     WINTER 2003-
      Treachery, Hindu Marriage, Incas, Mayans & Tuareg Redux

           Inca Imperialism, Ritual Change, and Cosmological Continuity in the Cotahuasi Valley of Peru
           Justin Jennings, page 433

           Marching with San Miguel: Festivity, Obligation, and Hierarchy in a Mexican Town
           Ron Loewe, page 463

           Gendered Discourses and Mediated Modernities: Urban and Rural Performances of Tuareg Smith Women
           Susan J. Rasmussen, page 487

           The Jayamāla Rite in Eastern North India: Outsidersí and Insidersí Misunderstandings
           Edward O. Henry, page 511

           Lethal Treachery and the Imbalance of Power in Warfare and Feuding
           Reed L. Wadley, page 531

           Book Reviews
           page 555