SPRING 2004-
      Paleoanthropology: Atapuerca, Aterian, Châtelperronian & Kennewick

           Sixty Years of SWJA/JAR
           Lawrence Guy Straus, page 1

           Paleodemography of the Atapuerca–Sima de los Huesos Hominin Sample:
           A Revision and New Approaches to the Paleodemography of the European Middle Pleistocene Population
           José María Bermúdez de Castro, María Martinón-Torres, Marina Lozano, Susana Sarmiento, and Ana Muela, page 5

           Crossing Deserts and Avoiding Seas: Aterian North African-European Relations
           Elena A.A. Garcea, page 27

           A Cognitive and Neuropsychological Perspective on the Châtelperronian
           Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn, page 55

           The Kennewick Follies: “New” Theories about the Peopling of the Americas
           Stuart J. Fiedel, page 75

           Book Reviews
           page 111

     SUMMER 2004-
      Indigenous America: From Saskatchewan to Chile, via Brazil and Bolivia

          Silot'ine: An Insurance Perspective on Northern Dene Kinship Networks
Robert Jarvenpa, page 153

          Patience in  Foraging-Horticulture Society: A Test of Competing Hypotheses
          Richard Godoy, Elizbeth Byron, Victoria Reyes-Garcia, William R. Leonard, Karishma Patel,
          Lilian Apaza, Eddy Perez, Vincent Vadez, and David Wilkie, page 179

          Ritual Gendered Relationships: Kinship, Marriage, Mastery, and Machi Modes of Personhood
          Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, page 203

          Failed Guardianship or Failed Metaphors in the Brazilian Amazon?  Problems with the "Imagined
          Eco-Communities" and other Metaphors and Modes for the Amazon Peasantries 
          Richard Pace, page 231

          Book Reviews
          page 261

     FALL 2004-
Paleolithic Art, Inuit Food Sharing, Proto-Numic Descent, and Teotihuacan Enclaves

          Towards a Genealogy of the Concept of “Paleolithic Mobiliary Art"
Oscar Moro Abadía and Manuel R. González Morales, page 321

          A New Typology of Food-Sharing Practices among Hunter-Gatherers, with a special Focus on Inuit Examples
          Nobuhiro Kishigami, page 341

          The Proto-Numic Kinship System
          Per Hage, Bojka Milicic, Mauricio Mixco, and Michael J. P. Nichols, page 359

          Review Article: What Was Teotihuacan Doing in the Maya Region?
          Robert S. Santley, page 379

          Book Reviews
          page 397

WINTER 2004-
60th Anniversary Volume of SWJA/JAR

        Lucy, Thirty Years Later: An Expanded View of Australopithecus Afarensis
Donald C. Johnson, page 465

        Why Anthropology Needs More History
        Peter M. Whiteley, page 487

        Heading Home: The Architecture of Family and Society in Early Sedentary Communities on the Anatolian Plateau
        Sharon R Steadman, page 515

        Book Reviews
        page 559