SPRING 2005- Volume 61, no.1

XIX JAR Distinguished Lecture
Poetics of Politics "Theirs" and "Ours"
Michael Silverstein, page 1


Historical Contingency and the Prehistoric Foundations of Moiety Organization Among the Eastern Pueblos
Severin Fowles, page 25


Where Do You Go When You Die? A Cross Cultural Test of the Hypothesis That Infrastructure Predicts Individual Eschatology

D. Bruce Dickson, Jeffery Olsen, P. Fred Dahm, and Mitchell S. Watchell, page 53

Who is this Really about Anyway? Ishi, Kroeber, and the Intertwining of California Indian and Anthropological Histories
Les W. Field, page 81

Book Reviews

page 127

SUMMER 2005- Volume 61, no.2

Killing What You Love: An Andean Cattle Branding Ritual and the Dilemmas of Modernity
Juan Javier Rivera Andía, page 129

Why Do Subsistence-Level People Join the Market Economy? Testing Hypotheses of Push and Pull Determinants in Bolivian Amazonia
Ricardo Godoy, Victoria Reyes-García, Tomás Huanca, William R. Leonard, Vincent Vadez, Cynthia Valdés-Galicia, and Dakun Zhao, page 157

Staff, Stewards, and Strikes: Labor’s Communication Gap
E. Paul Durrenberger and Suzan Erem, page 197

Bertillon Files: An Untapped Source of Nineteenth-Century Human Height Data
Glenice J. Guthrie and Sharon Jenkins, page 201

Book Reviews
page 217

FALL 2005- Volume 61, no.3

Five Approaches to Explaining "Truth" and "Deception" in Human Communication
Susan D. Blum, page 289

The Creation of a Mapuche Sorcerer: Sexual Ambivalence, the Commodification of Knowledge, and the Coveting of Wealth
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, page 317

Social Relations and the"Trinity" in Ibibio Kinship: The Case of Ibibio Immigrants in Akpabuyo (Efikland), Nigeria
Joseph O. Charles, page 337

Academic Capital or Scientific Progress? A Critique of Studies of Kibbutz Stratification
Reuven Shapira, page 357

Book Reviews
page 283

WINTER 2005- Volume 61, no.4

The Seventy-Year Itch: Controversies over Human Antiquity and Their Resolution
David J. Meltzer, page 433

The Transition Between the Last Hunter-Gathers and the First Farmers in Southwestern Europe: The Basque Perspective
Alfonso Alday Ruiz, page 469

A Sense of Place, A Place of Senses: Land and a Landscape in the West of Ireland
Adrian Peace, page 495

Partial Truths and Gendered Histories: Ruth Bunzel in American Anthropology
Brigittine M. French, page 513

Book Reviews
page 533