Spring 2007 - Volume 63, no.1

Bruce Graham Trigger (1937–2006)

A History of Archaeological Thought, second ed.

The Long-Term Development of a Peasant Community in Rural Mexico
by Michael Schnegg

An Ethnographic Study of Spondylus Use in Coastal Ecuador
by Daniel Eric Bauer

The Historical Anthropology of a New Ireland Society
by Göran Aijmer

Imagining and Contesting Familism in a UAW Local
by Pete Richardson

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Book Note

Summer 2007 - Volume 63, no.2

F. Clark Howell: An Appreciation
by Leslie G. Freeman and Susan Tax Freeman

Francis Clark Howell (1925–2007): America’s Paleoanthropologist
by Lawrence G. Straus

Marjorie Ferguson Lambert (1908–2006)
by Shelby J. Tisdale

New Wine in New Bottles: Prospects and Pitfalls of Cultural Primatology
by W. C. McGrew

Deciphering North American Pleistocene Extinctions
by Donald K. Grayson

The Symbolic and Ethnic Aspects of Envy among a Teenek Community (Mexico)
by Anath Ariel de Vidas

On the Measure of Income and the Economic Unimportance of Social Capital: Evidence from a Native Amazonian Society of Farmers and Foragers
by Ricardo Godoy, Victoria Reyes-García, Tomás Huanca, William R. Leonard, Thomas McDade, Susan Tanner, and Craig Seyfried

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Fall 2007 - Volume 63, no.3

Challenges to Motherhood: The Moral Economy of Oaxacan Ceramic Production and the Politics of Reproduction
by Ramona L. Pérez

The Provenance and Concentrated Production of Hohokam Red-on-buff Pottery: Implications for an Ancient Arizona
by David R. Abbott, Joshua Watts, and Andrew D. Lack

Interpreting Instant Messaging: Context and Meaning in Computer-Mediated Communication
by David Jacobson

The Agency of Immigrant Entrepreneurs
by Caroline B. Brettell and Kristoffer E. Alstatt

Book Reviews

Winter 2007 - Volume 63, no.4

Behavioral Differences between Middle and Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in the East Mediterranean Levant: The Roles of Intraspecific Competition and Dispersal from Africa
by John J. Shea

Architecture and Identity at Grasshopper Pueblo, Arizona
by Charles R. Riggs

Maneuvering between State, Nation, and Tradition: Palestinian Women in Israel Make Creative Applications of Polygyny
by Amalia Sa’ar

Bad Habits and Prosthetic Performances: Negotiation of Individuality and Embodiment of Social Status in Australian Shark Fishing
by Tanya J. King

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Editor’s Note: Editor's Remarks & Thanks
by Lawrence Guy Straus, Editor-in-Chief