Spring 2008 - Volume 64, no.1

Rock Art: An Endangered Heritage Worldwide
by Jean Clottes

Ancient Maritime Trade on Balsa Rafts: An Engineering Analysis
by Leslie Dewan and Dorothy Hosler

Inka Roads, Lines, and Rock Shrines: A Discussion of the Contexts of Trail Markers
by Jessica Joyce Christie

Mexican Justice: Codified Law, Patronage, and the Regulation of Social Affairs in Guerrero, Mexico
by Chris Kyle
and William Yaworsky

Book Reviews

Summer 2008 - Volume 64, no.2

The Lost World of Monticello: An Evolutionary Perspective
by Fraser D. Neiman

Eurasian Gates: The Earliest Human Dispersals
by Eudald Carbonell, Marina Mosquera, Xosé Pedro Rodríguez, José María Bermúdez de Castro, Fraesc Burjachs, Jordi Rosell, Robert Sala, and Josep Vallverdu

A Consideration of Methods and Analytical Search Radius in (Zoo)archaeological Refitting
by R. Lee Lyman 229

International Development and Bilateral Aid to Kenya in the 1990s
by John R. Campbell

Book Reviews

Fall 2008 - Volume 64, no.3

Rational Exuberance: Mesoamerican Economies and Landscapes in the Research of Robert S. Santley
by Patricia A. McAnany and Christopher A. Pool

Robert S. Santley: Student, Teacher, and Researcher
by William T. Sanders†

Beyond Santley and Rose (1979): The Role of Aquatic Resources in the Prehispanic Economy of the Basin of Mexico
by Jeffrey R. Parsons

Cultivating, Farming, and Food Containers: Reflections on Formative Subsistence and Intensification in the Southern Gulf Coast Lowlands
by Thomas W. Killion

The World According to Robert: Macroregional Systems Theory in Mesoamerica
by Rani T. Alexander

Beyond Economic Imperialism: The Teotihuacan Factor in Northern Yucatan
by Michael P. Smyth

But Robert, Where Did the Pots Go? Ceramic Exchange and the Economy of Ancient Matacapan

by Christopher A. Pool and Wesley D. Stoner

Risky Business: Archaeology by Robert’s Rules
by Philip J. Arnold III

Book Reviews

Winter 2008 - Volume 64, no.4

Obituary: Denise de Sonneville-Bordes
by Michel Lenoir

Benedictine Visionings of Southwestern Cultural Diversity: Beyond Relativism
by Regna Darnell

Identity as History: Hopi Clans and the Curation of Oral Tradition
by Wesley Bernardini

The Navajo Depopulation of Dinétah
by Ronald H. Towner

Paleolithic Art Studies at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century: A Loss of Innocence
by Oscar Moro-Abadía and Manuel R. González-Morales

Book Reviews

Book Note

Editor’s Note
by Lawrence G. Straus