Spring 2009 - Volume 65, no.1

The Founder: Remembering Leslie Spier
by John Martin Campbell

The Successors: Harry Basehart, Stanley Newman, James Spuhler & Philip Bock
by Philip K. Bock

The Last Wall to Fall: The Anthropology of Collective Action and Unions in the Global System
by E. Paul Durrenberger

Blood and Ink: Treatment Practices of Traditional Palestinian Women Healers in Israel
by Ariela Popper-Giveon and Jonathan J. Ventura

Long-term (Secular) Change of Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Useful Plants: Separating Cohort and Age Effects
by Ricardo Godoy et al.

Exploitation of the Montane Zone of Cantabrian Spain during the Late Glacial: Faunal Evidence from El Mirón Cave
by Ana Belén Marín Arroyo

Book Reviews

Summer 2009 - Volume 65, no.2

SPECIAL ISSUE: The Iberian Pleistocene-Holocene Transition

Local Actions in Global Context: The Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in Iberia
by Sarah B. McClure and Steven Schmich

On the Edge: Early Holocene Adaptations in Southwestern Iberia
by Nuno Ferreira Bicho

Surviving the Holocene: Human Ecological Responses to the Current Interglacial in Southern Valencia, Spain
by Alexandra Miller, C. Michael Barton, Oreto García and Joan Bernabeu

El Tossal de la Roca and the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in the Mediterranean Region of Eastern Spain
by Carmen Cacho Quesada and Jesús F. Jordá Pardo

From the Mesolithic to the Neolithic on the Mediterranean Coast of the Iberian Peninsula
by Oreto García Puchol, Lluís Molina Balaguer, J. Emili Aura Tortosa and Joan Bernabeu Aubán

Human Behavioral Ecology and Climate Change during the Transition to Agriculture in Valencia, Eastern Spain
by Sarah B. McClure, C. Michael Barton and Michael A. Jochim

Holocene Vegetation Dynamics in Mediterranean Iberia: Historical Contingency and Climate-Human Interactions
by Graciela Gil-Romera, José S. Carrión, Sarah B. McClure, Steven Schmich and Clive Finlayson

The Late Upper Paleolithic-Mesolithic-Neolithic Transitions in Cantabrian Spain
by Lawrence Guy Straus

The Process of Agricultural Colonization
by Michael Jochim

Book Reviews

Fall 2009 - Volume 65, no.3

A Comparison of the Spatial Distribution of Agriculture and Craft Specialization in Five State-Level Societies
by Lane F. Fargher

Walled Settlements, Buffer Zones, and Human Decapitation in the Acari Valley, Peru
by Lidio M. Valdez

Emergence of a Blade Industry and Evolution of Late Paleolithic Technology in the Republic of Korea
by Chuntaek Seong

Methods for Collecting Panel Data: What Can Cultural Anthropology Learn from Other Disciplines?
by Clarence C. Gravlee, David P. Kennedy, Ricardo Godoy, and William R. Leonard

Book Reviews

Winter 2009 - Volume 65, no.4

The Semantics of Local Knowledge: Using Ethnosemantics to Study Folk Taxonomies Represented in the Archaeological Record
by Christine S. Vanpool and Todd L. Vanpool

Native Americans: The First Conservationists? An Examination of Shepard Krech III’s Hypothesis with Respect to the Western Shoshone
by Richard O. Clemmer

Hunting Dogs in the Lowland Neotropics
by Jeremy Koster

The Last Institution Standing: Contradictions and the Politics of Domination in an Indian University
by Donald V. Kurtz

Book Review

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