Spring 2010 - Volume 66, no.1

Remembering Claude Lévi-Strauss
Steven Feld

Hunting Weapons of Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans in South Africa: Similarities and Differences
Paola Villaand Sylvain Soriano

The Impact of the 8,200 Cal Climactic Event on Human Mobility Strategies During the Iberian Late Mesolithic
Javier Fernández López de Pablo
Michael A. Jochim

Risk Management Among Native American Horticulturalists of the Southeastern United States (1715–1825)
H. Thomas Foster II

The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a MapuChe Shaman Remembering, Disremembering, and the Willful Transformation of Memory
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

Book Reviews

Summer 2010 - Volume 66, no.2

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Evolution of the Brain and the Determinants of Food Choice
George J. Armelagos

Implications of Human Behavioral Ecology for Understanding Complex Human Behavior Resource Monopolization, Package Size, and Turquoise
John Kantner

Within Projectile Range: Some Thoughts on the Appearance of the Aurignacian in Europe
Nicolas Teyssandier, François Bon and Jean-Guillaume Bordes

On Inmate Grammars with Examples from Navajo English, Navlish, and Navajo
Anthony K. Webster

Book Reviews

Fall 2010 - Volume 66, no.3

European Contact and the Contemporary Household Demography of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona
Stephen J. Kunitz and Bill G. Douglas

Cross-Cultural Implications for Ancestral Puebloan Agriculture in the Mojave Desert
Gregory M. Haynes

Regionalism and Social Landscape as Inferred from an Ethnoarchaeological Study of Pottery Production in Jordan
Nabil Ali

The Myth of American Selfhood and Emotion: Raising a Sociocentric Child among Middle-Class Americans
Junehui Ahn

Book Reviews

Winter 2010 - Volume 66, no.4

Modern Nomands, Vagabonds, or Cosmopolitans?: Reflections on Contemporary Tuareg Society
Ines Kohl

The Slippery Sign: Cultural Constructions of Youth and Youthful Constructions of Culture in Tuareg Men’s Face-Veiling
Susan J. Rasmussen

“She Who Mourns Will Cry”: Emotion and Expertise in Yemeni-Israeli Wailing
Tova Gamliel

“Until All The Data Are In”: A Chapter in the History of American Archaeology
R. Lee Lyman

Book Reviews