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Spring 2011 - Volume 67, no.1

The Moral Economy of Water Reexamined: Reciprocity, Water Insecurity, and Urban Survival in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Amber Wutich

Local Perceptions of “Quality of Life” in Rural China: Implications for Anthropology and Participatory Development
Bryan Tilt

On the Question of Short-Term Neanderthal Site Occupations: Payre, France (MIS 8-7), and Taubach/Weimar, Germany (MIS 5)
Marie-Hélène Moncel and Florent Rivals

The Use of Mollusc Shells as Tools by Coastal Human Groups: The Contribution of Ethnographical Studies to Research on Mesolithic and Early Neolithic Technologies in Northern Spain
David Cuenca Solana, Igor Gutiérrez Zugasti and Ignacio Clemente Conte

Book Reviews

Summer 2011 - Volume 67, no.2

William R. Farrand (1931–2011)

The Global South and World Dis/Order
Walter D. Mignolo

Gender, Power, and Mobility Among the Aaá-Guajá (Maranhão, Brazil)
Almudena Hernando, Gustavo Politis, Alfredo González Ruibal , Elizabeth Beserra Coelho

Frontier Animal Husbandry in the Northeast and East African Neolithic: A Multiproxy Paleoenvironmental and Paleodemographic Study
David K. Wright

The Salamanca Warriors: A Case Study of an “Exception to the Rule”
Michael Taylor

Book Reviews

Fall 2011 - Volume 67, no.3

Lewis Roberts Binford (November 21, 1931-April 2011)
Lew Binford Deserves More Than the Usual Obituary

Lawrence Straus, Luis Alberto Borrero, Rosalind Hunter-Anderson, William Longacre, David Meltzer, Dwight Read, Jeremy Sabloff, Fred Wendorf. With thanks to Amber Johnson, Martha Binford, and June-el Piper for information and editorial suggestions.

How The CIA And Pentagon Harnessed Anthropological Research During The Second World War And Cold War With Little Critical Notice
David H. Price

The Construction And Performance Of Kingship In The Neo-Assyrian Empire
Bradley J. Parker

The Semiotics of Powerful Places: Rock Art And Landscape Relations In The Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico
Felice S. Wyndham

Telling Stories Making History, Place, And Identity On The Little Bighorn
Debra Buchholtz

Book Reviews

Winter 2011 - Volume 67, no.4

Thematic And Chronological Ties Between The Borgia And Madrid Codices Based On Records Of Agricultural Pests In The Planting Almanacs
Victoria R. Bricker and Susan Milbrath

Inequality At Late Roman Baldock, Uk The Impact Of Social Factors On Health And Diet
Rebecca Griffin and Martin Pitts

“Low Sex” Cultures, Religious Moral Traditions, And Evolutionary Theory Cultural Mechanisms For Influencing Male Sexual Behavior
Kathryn Coe and Craig Palmer

The Ethnopragmatics Of The Akan Palace Language Of Ghana
Kofi Agyekum

Book Reviews

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