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Spring 2012 - Volume 68, No. 1

Resource Control and the Development of Political Economies In Small-Scale Societies: Contrasting Prehistoric Southwestern Korea and the Coast Salish Region of Northwestern North America
by Colin Grier and Jangsuk Kim

Cyclical Cultural Trajectories: A Case Study From The Mesa Verde Region
by Fumiyasu Arakawa

Molle Beer Production In A Peruvian Central Highland Valley
by Lidio M. Valdez

Disconnected From The “Diaspora”: Japanese Americans and the Lack of Transnational Ethnic Networks
by Takeyuki (Gaku) Tsuda

Book Reviews

Summer 2012 - Volume 68, No. 2

The Domestication of Animals
by Melinda A. Zeder

Repatriation and Constructs of Identity
by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Jami Powell

Ethnicity, God Concepts, and the Indigenization of a Guatemalan Popular Saint
by Timothy Knowlton

Ethnography of Kinship Constructions Among International Returnees In Nigeria: Proverbs as the Horses of Words
by Olayinka Akanle and A. O. Olutayo

Book Reviews

Fall 2012 - Volume 68, No. 3

Ordeals of Language: Essays in Honor of Ellen B. Basso
Guest Editors: Juan Luis Rodríguez and Anthony K. Webster

Mascarading the Voice: Texts of the Self in the Brazilian Northwest Amazon
by Janet Chernela

“When Women Lost Kagutu Flutes, To Sing Tolo Was All They Had Left!” Gender Relations among the Kuikuro of Central Brazil as Revealed in Ordeals of Language and Music
by Bruna Franchetto and Tommaso Montagnani

Ordeals of Language and Political Agonistic Exchange in the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela
by Juan Luis Rodríguez

Interactional Surveillance and Self-Censorship in Encounters of Dominion
by Sherina Feliciano-Santos and Barbra A. Meek

“Don’t Talk About It”: Navajo Poets and Their Ordeals of Language
by Anthony K. Webster

Lessons in Impunity
by Ellen B. Basso

Book Reviews

Winter 2012 - Volume 68, No. 4

Birth of a Language: The Formation and Spread of Colonial Yucatec Maya
by William F. Hanks

Shared Image Metaphors of the Corn Lifeway in Mesoamerica and the American Southwest
by Dorothy K. Washburn

Source-Sink Dynamics and Their Applicability to Neolithic Period Persistence in Marginal Areas: An Illustration from the U.S. Southwest
by David A. Phillips, Jr.

Tara, the M3, and the Celtic Tiger: Contesting Cultural Heritage, Identity and a Sacred Landscape in Ireland
by Kathryn Rountree

Book Reviews


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